Biotechnology Information Network for Asia

Modern Biotechnology is a new and emerging technology sector that could be applied in various areas such as agriculture, food processing, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, energy and waste management. Realizing the importance of biotechnology and its potential to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Asia Pacific region, APCTT in cooperation with the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea promoted establishment of a Biotechnology Information Network for Asia (BINASIA) during 2004-2006. This network was aimed at linking biotech-community, providing biotechnology professionals with an easy access to the network and information, promoting international R&D collaboration for technology development, facilitating technology transfer and assisting development of human resources.

Towards this endeavor, the following expert meetings and national capacity building activities were organized with active participation and support from the host countries.


Expert group meetings
- Thailand Apr-04
- Thailand Jan-06

National workshops
- Mongolia
- Viet Nam
- Sri Lanka
- Indonesia
- Iran
- Pakistan