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The Second Session of the Governing Council and the Second Meeting of the Technical Committee of APCTT, December 2006, Lahore, Pakistan recommended establishment of a regional network among R&D institutions with a view to promoting cross-border technological cooperation between researchers across borders for fostering international collaborations and strengthening of capacity both at individual and institutional levels for R&D management and research commercialization.


In 2011 APCTT initiated a project titled, “Promotion of a regional network among R&D institutions in the Asia-Pacific to strengthen their research and development (R&D) management capacity in new and emerging areas of technology.” This programme of work currently focuses on the nanotechnology sector. A major objective is to create a regional network of R&D institutions working in the area of nanotechnology-based value-added product development.

It is envisaged that, through this network, best practices can be shared and R&D management capacity can be built to promote collaboration in the area of nanotechnology-based value added product development to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

The network performs some major functions, namely:

  • Collection and dissemination of relevant information on technologies, researchers, R&D institutes, research projects and collaboration opportunities in the field of innovative development of nanotechnology-based value added products;
  • Sharing of best practices on R&D collaboration, innovative development and commercialization of value added products;
  • Strengthening of capacity of institutions in R&D management and innovation in the area of nanotechnology; and
  • Promoting R&D collaboration in the development of nanotechnology-based value added products.