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Affermative Programmes

Science and Technology Application for Rural Development (STARD)
The DST extends core support to voluntary organizations to nurture and sustain scientific manpower to work on issues/problems requiring innovative inputs for enhancing sustainable livelihoods in rural areas. A number of interdisciplinary projects in areas like health and sanitation; improved agricultural practices; land, biomass and water management and animal husbandry have been taken up.

Community Information Centers (CICs)
The DIT is setting up such Centers in the hilly far flung areas of the country to bring benefits of ICT to the people for socio-economic development of these regions and to alleviate the digital divide between urban and non-urban areas.

Other Programmes
Department of Biotechnology ( supports a few innovative programmes for societal development. Technology development and demonstration and training programmes that specifically benefit the rural population and weaker section of the society
National Research Development Corporation ( assists
in development and promotion of rural and household technologies. With a view to demonstrate the utility of rural technologies and ensure their faster dissemination, the NRDC has set up a network of Rural Technologies Demonstration and Training (RTDT) Centers in association with NGOs and other developmental agencies in various parts of the country. The NRDC demonstrates appropriate technologies in rural areas with the help of these counterpart agencies and through participation in rural exhibitions. It is also setting up a Rural Technology Business Incubator to identify, develop and demonstrate these rural technologies

Case Studies