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Science And Technology Awareness

To derive maximum benefit, it is very desirable that science, technology and innovation culture prevails among the people. The Science and Technology Policy 2003 of the Government has stressed on the importance of public awareness of the subject and has suggested ways and means to enhance the same. A few important programmes are mentioned below:

National Council of S&T Communication (NCSTC)
The DST has set up National Council for S&T Communication (NCSTC). It has been popularizing science and technology amongst the people through various modes of communication. Specific efforts are made to spread scientific awareness and scientific thinking all around the country. Children’s Science Congress, National Teacher’s Science Conference and Science Communication Congress, are organized at the national level, on a yearly basis. During 2005-06 they also held an exhibition - “Promoting Innovations: Steer the Big Idea”. Major objectives of the exhibition were to promote and nurture inventions and innovations among students/youths, to encourage them to embody their inventions in physical forms and reward outstanding works of innovation. It has also been the endeavour to institutionalize the invention promotion initiative in the country. A Seminar on “Innovations in Science Communication” was also organized. The NCSTC brings out a very large number of audio and video programmes, publications, periodicals, books on S&T communication and many other activities to generate awareness.

Science Popularization (Vigyan Prasar)
This is an autonomous body set up by the DST. Its objective is to undertake large-scale science popularization task in the country. Its activities include production of Radio and TV Programmes, bringing out publications, Newsletters, organizing network of Science Clubs, holding Science exhibitions on wheels and many other such programmes.

Other measures
The Department of Information Technology ( organizes electronics and IT exhibitions to disseminate information about indigenous R&D amongst potential users and industry, to promote interaction between them and in addition helps in identification of state-of-the-art technologies.

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