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Conclusions And Recommendations

The deliberations and presentations made at the Forum highlighted the importance of well designed policy frameworks in the National Innovation System (NIS) in the context of globalization. All participants appreciated the efforts made by APCTT to provide a platform to policy makers to discuss and share good practices of NIS, and they gratefully acknowledged the support to the programme provided by the Government of India. To promote further development and implementation of NIS policy frameworks in member countries, the Forum made the following recommendations:

  • Member countries participate actively in the implementation of the project “Promotion of National Innovation System (NIS) in Countries of the AsiaPacific Region” to take advantage of the potential benefits of the project.
  • APCTT undertake the following steps in the course of implementation of the project, during the period April 2005 to September 2006.
    • Provide information on new trends of NIS policy framework development key elements, common procedures and real practices;
    • Disseminate information on good practices of NIS policy framework development and the impact; and
    • Benchmark policy frameworks, programmes and management skills among member countries.
  • APCTT develop specific short- and medium-term programmes that could give maximum benefit to member countries. These could be carried out through: the provision of training opportunities to build capacity of member countries in NIS, the organization of national meetings and regional forums to discuss current issues and exchange ideas on NIS, provision of advisory services to member countries in relation to NIS policy framework, and the utilization of existing regional mechanisms to facilitate effective access to information.
  • APCTT develop sector specific programmes, in response to the needs and priorities set by the member countries: i) promotion of national strategic R&D; ii) manpower development; iii) creation of linkages between government supported research institutions, academia and industry; iv) commercialization of R & D results; v) promotion of venture business; vi) establishment of business parks and business clusters; and vii) creation of a sound S&T infrastructure.
  • APCTT create a network with member countries to facilitate exchange and sharing of experiences and to enable communication among various stakeholders and partners including knowledge based enterprises in emerging areas. The network will be implemented through a website and also through organizing meetings of network members.
  • Member countries, with APCTT’s support if necessary, develop and promote NIS, organize national workshops, and participate actively in the online network that will be facilitated by APCTT.
  • Member countries monitor and evaluate performance of existing mechanisms of knowledge flow among university, R&D institutions and industry and improve it by strengthening/re-engineering processes and systems.
  • APCTT organize once in two years, a Forum on NIS for high-level policy -makers , to review achievements and challenges and to make recommendations to address these challenges.