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Incentives And National Awards


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Incentives And National Awards

To motivate industry, R&D organizations and others, to undertake innovative research and development and achieve excellence, the Government has provided a number of fiscal incentives. Government and other organizations have instituted awards at the national level. A few important ones are:


Fiscal Incentives
The DSIR is the nodal Government Department for providing these incentives to industry, R&D organizations and others. Fiscal incentives and support measures that are available at the end of 2005-06 are as under:

  • Income tax relief on R&D expenditure
  • Weighted tax deduction for sponsored research programmes in approved national laboratories, universities and IITs.
  • Weighted tax deduction on in-house R&D expenditure in specified sectors of industries.
  • Custom duty exemption on capital equipment, spares, accessories and consumables imported for R&D by approved institutions/SIROs
  • Customs duty exemption on specified goods for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector
  • Excise duty waiver on indigenous items purchased by approved institutions/SIROs for R&D
  • Ten year tax holiday for commercial R&D companies
  • Excise duty waiver for 3 years on goods produced based on indigenously developed technologies
  • Accelerated depreciation allowance on plant and machinery set up based on indigenous technology
  • 10 Customs duty exemptions on imports for R&D projects supported by Government

Capital Subsidy for small scale units
There is a Scheme - Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) for small-scale units. A 12% capital subsidy is offered to those units who induct proven technologies to improve upon existing technologies in their companies, improvement in productivity etc.


National Awards for Outstanding In-house R&D Achievements
In order to provide recognition to the efforts of industry towards innovative research and technological development, the DSIR has instituted National Awards for R&D efforts in industry. These are presented annually at the time of National Conference on in-house R&D in industry. The theme of the 2005 conference was Technology and innovation management

Innovation Awards
National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) a public sector enterprise with the DSIR has instituted this award. The objective is to promote and encourage the spirit of inventiveness amongst scientists, workers, students and inventors. The award is given to the most impressive innovation in the key areas of agriculture, biotechnology, electronics and others.

National Bioscience Award for Career Development
To recognize outstanding contributions of young scientists below 45 years of age pursuing basic and applied research in biosciences and biotechnology, this award has been instituted by the DBT. In a year, the award can be conferred on, up to a maximum of 10 scientists.

Innovative Young Biotechnologist award
This award launched by DBT intends to identify and nurture outstanding young researchers with innovative ideas and desirous of pursuing research in frontier areas of biotechnology.

Shri Dewang Mehta Award for Innovation in Information Technology; Award for Excellence in Electronics; and Computer Literacy Excellence Award
To recognize innovation, which has the potential to make a significant impact on national development and bring fame to the country, the DIT has instituted an award for innovation in IT in the name of Late Shri Dewang Mehta. The concept behind the award is to encourage innovations in an industry, which thrives on brilliance. Another award is instituted to encourage and publicize the achievements of leaders who have attained excellence in various fields of electronics. The Award on Computer Literacy is for schools with the aim to increase IT penetration at school level as also to encourage appropriate intervention of IT in the school environment.

National Award for R&D Efforts and National Award for Performance in Small Scale Industries
Ministry of Small Scale Industries has instituted a National Award for R&D Efforts in small-scale industries, to promote the concept of in-house R&D efforts for strengthening technical soundness and spirit of innovation amongst them. Also a National Award for Performance has been instituted by the Ministry to motivate the units to attain higher levels of achievement through modernization, innovation and technological improvement.

National awards for Environment Protection
The Ministry of Environment and Forests has instituted the following awards:
BP Pal National Environment Fellowship Award for Biodiversity: This is awarded annually in recognition to significantly important R&D contributions. It is to encourage talented individuals to devote themselves to R&D pursuits in the field of Biodiversity.

Pitambar Pant National Environment Fellowship Award: This is awarded annually in recognition of significantly important R&D contributions intended to encourage talented individuals to devote themselves to R&D pursuits in the field of environmental science.

National awards for Prevention of Pollution and Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award for Clean Technology: This award is given each in 18 categories of highly polluting industries which make a significant and measurable contribution towards development or use of clean technologies, products or practices that prevent pollution and find innovative solutions to environmental problems. Indira Priyadarshani Vrikshmitra Award: This award is given on the basis of innovative efforts and outstanding work in afforestation, with special reference to wastelands development and involvement of people.

National Awards and Fellowships for Innovation and R&D
In order to promote R&D and innovation in industry, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has instituted a large number of national awards and fellowships. A few of these are CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (SSB); Young Scientist Awards (YSA); Junior Research Fellowship (JRF); Senior Research Fellows (SRF), Research Associates (RA), Funding of Extra Mural Research (EMR) schemes at universities/ R&D organizations; Visiting Associateship Scheme; Travel / Conference / Symposium grants; CSIR Program on Youth for Leadership in Science (CPYLS); Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship (SPMF).

National Awards for Successful Commercialization of Indigenous Technology,
The Technology Development Board confers National awards for successful commercialization of indigenous technology.

Awards for Innovation
To promote and encourage the spirit of inventiveness amongst scientists, workers, students and artisans, the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) has instituted yearly awards for the development of novel processes and processes. Innovations are awarded in the key areas of agriculture, biotechnology, Chemical and allied areas, electrical, electronics and mechanical. The World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, a specialized agency of the UN, has placed two Gold medals, to be awarded by NRDC to inventors for inventions that are suitable for utilization in developing countries.

Annual FICCI Awards
FICCI confers ‘Annual FICCI Awards’ to individual scientists/technologists for innovation in materials sciences, applied research and space science, and research and development in other areas.

Other Awards
National Innovation Foundation ( confers annually, awards to grass root innovators.

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