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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
CII was founded 110 years ago. It is a very large and important Confederation of industry in India. It is a 6100-member organization, with a network of 56 offices in India, 8 overseas and institutional partnerships with 240 organizations in 101 countries. Technology is a focus area in CII. The overall objective of CII initiatives in technology front is to enhance competitiveness of industry through technology. A few important initiatives of the CII in technology are:

  • It has a National Committee on Technology and Innovation. Its objectives are (a) to interact with the Government (b) to understand the issues of technology development in industry and how to address these issues with Government (c) how to share best practices on technology through partnerships (d) how to build international linkages for the benefit of Indian industry through technology and (e) to look at leveraging this partnership with industry, R&D institutions and academia and how to make it happen to facilitate science & technology.
  • Under the National Committee, there is a Task Force on “Driving Ideas to market”. This task force includes members from industry, government, institutes and financial organization. It aims to identify/select bright ideas, help in development of the idea & promote amongst industry to get a suitable partner for commercialization of the idea/ innovation.
  • To create linkages with other countries, ‘Technology Summit and Technology Platform’ - - and ‘Design Summit’ - - are organized annually. These provide a platform for the Indian industry to network with the best technology institutions and industry from the partner country.

  • ‘Steer the Big Idea’ – Young Inventors Initiative – This Programme has been jointly launched by the Department of Science and Technology and the CII with the objective (a) to promote and nurture inventions and innovations among students / youth & to contribute to the development of creativity of younger generation (b) to provide a platform to young innovators to interact with industry for mutual benefit (c) to encourage students / youth to embody their ideas in physical form (d) to recognise and reward outstanding works (inventions) created and (e) to institutionalise the invention promotion initiatives in the country. Under this initiative, students/ youth are invited to invent new things. After screening, good projects are displayed in an exhibition. As part of the initiative, participation of inventors in International Exhibition of Young Inventors is also organised.

Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
It is a very large and important apex chamber of commerce and industry in India. It was established in 1927. It has a nationwide membership of over 1500 corporate and over 500 chamber of commerce and business associations.

The Chamber gives importance to innovation as a very important component of business development and growth.
It has a - jointly developed by FICCI and National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology. The portal aims at assisting budding entrepreneurs, especially technopreneurs with all the information relevant for setting up new enterprises. It brings together three aspects of business, namely, technology, finance and management by providing information on industrial policies, incentives, project profiles, new technologies, funding options, technology & equipment sources and contact directories. It also provides with a set of online tools for project development, evaluation & preparation of feasibility studies.
There is another portal - jointly developed by FICCI, Department of Science & Technology and Information for Development Program (infoDev) of World Bank, which provides a network between Indian and Foreign businesses and technology incubators through a unique discussion forum. It also disseminates information about national as well as international incubation centers across the globe along with web links to Central Govt., Indian Missions & Posts, Foreign Missions in India and Science & Research Institutions etc.

FICCI also confers ‘Annual FICCI Awards’ to individual scientists/technologists for innovation in materials sciences, applied research and space science, and research and development in other areas.

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