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National Innovation Systems in Asia and the Pacific Countries

National Workshops and Seminars

After successful organization of the Asia-Pacific Forum on National Innovation Systems (NIS) for High-level Policy-Makers, in April 2005 at New Delhi, India, to promote and highlight the need and relevance of NIS as the emerging and widely accepted concept, APCTT organized national workshops on NIS in selected member countries. They were organized in cooperation with and support from relevant ministries and institutions of the host countries. The host countries invited and mobilized participation of national experts, senior officials from various ministries, CEOs of industries, R&D institutions and academia for the national workshops. The programme of the workshop was developed by APCTT in cooperation and consultation with partner institutions of the host country meeting their specific areas of interest. Experts from other member countries were invited by APCTT to share their experiences in the areas identified by the host country. The basic structure of these programmes was as follows.

NIS Policy Framework Development and Implementation in Member Countries
This session dwelt on the various stages of conceptualization, development and deployment of a strategic National Innovation System. Though there is no single formula for the development and implementation of a National Innovation System, this session presented specific experiences of member countries in formulating an NIS policy.

Case Studies on Sectoral, Institutional and Organizational Specific Innovation Programmes
In this session, specific case studies were presented by experts on innovation programmes in various areas such as manpower, R&D, business parks, business clusters, etc. and also innovation measures taken by companies, institutions and government sector organizations. These cases studies provided participants with practical ways of implementing a strategic innovation programme at the sectoral, institutional and organizational levels and also showed the impact of these programmes.

NIS Policy Framework and Programmes in the Host Country
During this session, experts presented the initiatives taken by the host country to develop and implement a National Innovation System. This was followed by a discussion session during which the resource persons and participants gave their comments, suggestions and recommendations.