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Key Components of NIS


A second phase of the project (2010–2013) entitled “Promotion of National Innovation Systems (NIS) in Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region” was initiated in July 2010 with funding received again from DSIR of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. The second phase will go beyond awareness creation and sharing of best practices. It will focus on NIS key components, implementation strategies and management practices, and organic linkages with sub-national and sectoral innovation systems.

A key feature of the second phase will be the involvement of several countries with special needs (CSNs) including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar and Nepal. A consultative workshop for CSN countries was organized in October 2010. The background and report of the workshop could be accessed at this website for more information.

As recommended at the first Asia-Pacific Forum on NIS for High-Level Policy-makers held in April 2005 to organize a meeting of the Forum once in every two years, two such meetings would be organized during the phase two of the NIS project. The Second Forum would focus on strengthening of governance of NIS in Asia-Pacific countries. This Forum was organized in November 2010. The background and report of the workshop could be accessed at this website for more information.

APCTT plans to organize national workshops at the request of member countries on specific key components of NIS identified by them. At these workshops the focus would be on one or two of the major key-components listed below or on any other component/s that a member country would like to address at the workshop:
1. Identification and promotion of national strategic R&D.
2. Development and strengthening of linkages and partnerships among R&D institutions, academia/universities and SMEs.
3. Commercialization of R&D results.
4. Promotion of venture business including access to venture capital.
5. Establishment and management of technology incubation centres and science parks.
6. Technology-led women entrepreneurship development.
7. Evaluation and bench-marking of R&D proposals and outputs.
8. Networking of public R&D institutions.
9. Development of human resources and skills.
10. Establishment of new institutions and/or reformation of existing institutions.

The overall objective of these workshops would be to strengthen the specific key components of NIS by:
a. Reviewing its existing national policies and support mechanisms;
b. Gaining insights into the best practices and lessons learned based on the experience of other countries;
c. Deliberating on the governance of national policies and its support mechanisms; and
d. Evolving and recommending practical policy changes or new policies, delivery mechanisms (including support mechanisms) and an effective mechanism of governance.

The outputs of all the national workshops are accessible at this website.