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Energy policies
It gives details of Energy policies toward 2010 vision for the country

2010 industrial vision
The '2010 industrial vision' promotes a benign circle of manufacturing and manufacturing-related service industry, shifting capital and external growth-driven strategy to innovation and qualitative growth-driven strategy.

National R & D Projects
Several ministries are involved in supporting university research. The Academic Promotion Foundation of the Ministry of Education and the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation of the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) are the major funding agencies for basic scientific research.

Korea Industrial Technology Foundation (Kotef)
Kotef perform a role of a market-oriented and private sector-friendly institution, which is dedicated to proliferating an environment of industrial technology innovation and to disseminating the industrial technology-focused culture across the nation.

Korea Science Foundation
The mission of the Korea Science Foundation is to contribute to the development of the nation, by enhancing the public understanding and knowledge of science and technology and by promoting the science culture to encourage wide acceptance of science and technology throughout the Korean society.

Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI)
STEPI plays essential roles in the following areas:

  • Research on S&T and R&D activities and technological innovations
  • Development of S&T policy alternatives
  • Consultancy on the technology management strategy
  • Study on the relationship between S&T, economy and society
  • International S&T cooperation
  • Research on the global S&T policy
  • Collaboration with government, industry, academia, and foreign institutes
  • Dissemination of research outcomes
  • Education and Training of its expertise

Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science and Technology (KICOS)
KICOS was created under the aegis of MOST to encourage R&D centers of foreign prestigious research institutions, educational organizations, and MNCs to come into Korea, and help them establish R&D centers. KICOS also helps domestic institutions go abroad and supports international cooperation in science & technology. KICOS is making great efforts to become an exclusive organization specialized in attracting R&D centers

Korean Venture Capital Association
It gives details of Korean Venture Capital Association (only in korean)

Financing your business
It gives details of Local Enterprise Finance Scheme (LEFS), Micro Loan Scheme (for small businesses) and Variable Interest Loan Scheme (V-Loan)

Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)
It gives details of the KIPO. It believes that a 'strong IPR nation' means a nation that can achieve high productivity and high added value in its industries and economy and actively creating, protecting and using IPRs such as patented technologies; trademarks and designs can realize the vision.

Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA)
Since the establishment in 1996, the Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA) has been actively providing support to SMEs on creativity and entrepreneurship to ensure their stable growth. In the past, SMEs in Korea have played a decisive role in pulling the nation out of financial.