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Economic planning Unit
It gives details of Government of Malaysia's Economic Planning Unit, which is Center of excellence in economic development planning for Malaysia.

Third Industrial Master Plan
It gives details of the Third Industrial Master Plan (IMP3) of Malaysia covering a 15-year period (2006-2020) to coincide with Vision 2020.

Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC)
The Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC) of Malaysia promotes the development of Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) in the manufacturing sector through the provision of advisory services, fiscal and financial assistance, infrastructure facilities, market access and other support programmes.

Vision 2020
This gives details of Paper - Vision 2020 of Malaysia laying down the roadmap of developing the country into an industrialized nation.

Technology Development Program
This gives details of Malaysia's Technology Development Programme with the objective of improving the level of technologies in Malaysian companies.

This gives details of Malaysia's ENSEARCH which is a non-profit association of organizations, professionals, students and people with interest in learning and promoting effective ways to manage the impacts of human activities on the environment.

It gives details of Malaysia's NAWEM - a non-government organization, which takes initiatives to harness and develop under-utilized human resources, particularly women, by enhancing their skills and knowledge, and through the dissemination of information. In the widening of business opportunities, NAWEM's focus is on quality, productivity and performance.

Malaysian Industrial Development Authority
The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) is the government's principal agency for the promotion and coordination of industrial development. It is the first point of contact for investors who intend to set up projects in the manufacturing and its related support services sectors in Malaysia.

Malaysian venture capital industry
This gives details of Malaysian venture capital industry. It is one of the drivers for nation's vision of achieving a fully developed country by 2020. The growth of the domestic economy, which will be fuelled by activities based on knowledge, innovation and technology, will rely heavily on funding from sources such as the venture capital industry and private equity.

Venture Capital funding
In Malaysia, it is proposed that Venture Capital funding be made available at different stages of SME development in industries such as Advanced Electronics and Manufacturing, Advanced Material, Biotechnology, Genomic Engineering, ICT (Communications and Networking, Electronic and Computer Hardware, Software Application, Information Services) Nano technology and Photonics.

Malaysia's SME Bank
Designed to function ultimately as a one-stop financing and business development center, Malaysia's SME Bank is dedicated to the accelerated growth of Malaysian SMEs. Through better segmentation of SME financial and non-financial needs by industry, stage of growth and product and market potential, the Bank strives to hasten the loan processing to eligible SMEs to meet their financing needs as well as support their business growth requirements through provision of timely advisory services.

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI)
The Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) strive to achieve higher growth of commerce and industry in Malaysia.