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Medium Term Development Framework 2005-10
This gives details of The Planning Commission of Pakistan, which is chaired by the Prime Minister of the country. It is the apex planning and development body that works under the overall guidance of the National Economic Council, headed by a Deputy Chairman. Planning Commission. It performs its functions through various wings/sections coordinated by the Planning and Development Division.

IT Policy of Government of Pakistan
The vision of the IT Policy of Government of Pakistan is to harness the potential of Information Technology as a key contributor to development of Pakistan and broad-based involvement of key stakeholders is a must for its sustainable development. Core IT Policy strategies have been proposed under several focus areas.

Pakistan Export Strategy
Based on an evaluation of the world demand of goods and services, Pakistan's Export Strategy aims to prioritize those where Pakistan has or can achieve a competitive edge, sourced from within or outside Pakistan and facilitate the achievement of the desired levels of profitable exports via 'demand led' strategy, as opposed to the previous 'supply led' efforts.

This gives details of Pakistan's Policy for power projects.

Country Strategy and Program Update 2006-2008 - ADB
This gives details of The Country Strategy and Program (CSP) of Pakistan and is prepared in active consultation with stakeholders: the government, NGOs, civil society groups, the private sector and other development agencies. It is usually prepared once every five years. A CSP update is prepared every year to reflect any important country developments and adjustments to the program.

Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP)
The Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) Pakistan is a part of the Education, Communication and Knowledge Management Group of IUCN - The World Conservation Union's Pakistan Programme. Formerly a global programme of UNDP, SDNP has been working since 1992 to promote access to information on sustainable human development among different sectors of society. It has been the pioneer of email and offline Internet in Pakistan, but lately its focus has been on developing knowledge management systems to strengthen development information services in Pakistan.

Pakistan Council for Science and Technology
Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) is responsible to advise the Government on S&T policies and plans and suggest measures for the promotion, development and application of science and technology in the country. For seeking expert opinion and advice in different S&T areas the Council constitutes "Think Tanks / Expert Committees" as and when required.

Pakistan Science Foundation
This gives details of Pakistan Science Foundation. The Activities and Programmes undertaken by the Foundation for the performance of its statutory functions are broadly divided into the following four categories.

  • Establishment of Comprehensive Scientific Research and Technological Information Dissemination Centers.
  • Promotion and Financing of Scientific Research in the Country and the Utilization of the Research Results.
  • Promotion and Popularization of Science in Society.
  • International Liaison.

PTCL R & D Fund
To achieve the objective of promoting indigenous research and development activity in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Pakistan, an R&D fund has been constituted with substantial annual contributions from PTCL revenues. The post deregulation scenario has created further sources of revenue for R&D activities with mandatory requirements of contribution to the cause of R&D from all the mobile and fixed line telecom operators. The ministry intends to transform the existing PTCL R&D Fund into a broader professionally organized and efficient R&D initiative to realize the Ministry of Information Technology's R&D vision.

Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan
This gives details of Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan

Pakistan Development Gateway
This gives details of Pakistan's Development Gateway - envisioned as a one-stop website for all significant development information about Pakistan on the Web. Information is indexed in 25 categories. 'National Resources' are indexed web resources from both Pakistani and international websites about Pakistan while 'International Resources' pertain to international/global information from selected websites under the same categories. The website gives details of its link with Science and Technology.

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) of Pakistan was established in October 1998 to take on the challenge of developing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan. SMEDA is relatively a new organization with a futuristic structure and focus on providing business development services to small and medium enterprises. SMEDA is not only an SME policy-advisory body for the government of Pakistan but also acts as a one-stop-shop for its SME clients.

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) acts as a forward post of Pakistan's private sector abroad. In the first place it maintains constant liaison with the Pakistan Diplomatic and commercial missions abroad and takes special care to develop, promote and strengthen cooperation and contacts with its counterpart bodies abroad through exchange of delegations, literature, directory (ies) and business information, etc.

STEDEC of Pakistan is a commercial marketing organization and its major activity is to collaborate with R&D organizations for commercial exploitation of indigenously researched products, processes and technologies and subsequently their transfer