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Thailand's National Innovation System Studies 2003
Innovation has been accepted as a very significant public policy issue in Thailand. Policy makers have recognized the importance of innovation to Thailand's competitiveness.

Promotion Plan of Small and Medium Enterprises of Thailand (2002- 2006)
The Promotion Plan of Small and Medium Enterprises of Thailand (2002- 2006) is the official master plan for the promotion of Thailand's of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It coincides with the five-year National Economic and Social Development Plan.

Thailand's National Biotechnology Policy Framework 2004-2011
By the year 2011, biotechnology will be playing a vital role in the country's development in line with government policy and the national agenda, which encompasses sustainable competitiveness, healthcare for all, equitable income distribution and a self-sufficient economy. The emphasis is placed on applying core technologies, e.g. genomics, bioinformatics, plant and animal breeding by means of molecular markers and others

Policy of the Government
Policy Statement of the Government of His Excellency the Prime Minister of Thailand Delivered to the National Assembly on Wednesday, 23 March 2005 about the NSI in Thailand.

Office of the National Research Council of Thailand
The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) has been designated by the Cabinet as the national body responsible for implementing research - related matters and considering proposals of the Office of the National Research Council of Thailand before forwarding them with comments to the Cabinet. In practice, the NRCT normally authorizes the Executive Board to perform its functions and supervise the NRCT Office.

National Competitiveness Committee (NCC)
The main task of NCC is to enhance and strategize Thailand's competitiveness. The NCC set up the framework and direction of strategic and action plans corresponding to attainable targets.

Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion
This gives details of the office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion, the main objective of which is promotion and development of small and medium enterprises in Thailand.

Small Projects Facility - Technology Partnership and Training Cooperation in European Management Information Systems to Enhance the Competitiveness of Thai SMEs (TEAMS - SME)
The objective of the project 'Technology Partnership and Training Cooperation in European Management Information Systems to Enhance the Competitiveness of Thai SMEs' is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises in Thailand access to field-proven methods and suitable applications in the sector of management information systems and ultimately to facilitate operational use of these methods and applications.

SME support measures in Thailand
This is a Paper presenting the overview of SME support measures by Thai government as well as Japanese government.

Department of Industrial Promotion
One of the objectives of the Department is promoting and developing new entrepreneurs and small and medium industries to compete in the global market.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
JETRO Bangkok, JETRO's office in Bangkok established in 1959, has played a prominent role in sustaining and strengthening bilateral trade and investment between Thailand and Japan. Over the past three decades alone, JETRO Bangkok has contributed to increasing Thai exports to the Japanese market and to creating awareness of the attractiveness of the investment environment in Thailand on the part of Japan's business community. Furthermore, it has positioned itself as a major JETRO branch among some 80 JETRO overseas offices, and as a coordination center among offices located in Asia.

Focus on the Global South
Focus on the Global South is a program of Development Policy Research, Analysis and Action. It was founded in 1995. At present, it has offices in Bangkok, Mumbai, and Manila.

Thai Venture Capital
The Thai Venture Capital Association promotes Venture Capital and Private Equity businesses in Thailand. It supports and assists industry on all problems related to VC businesses including negotiations with any foreign parties in order to promote VC businesses.
The ""is a Web site of the Royal Thai Government. It is managed and operated as "the official gateway and guide to Thailand for investors" through the provision of essential first-stop investment-related services by the Thailand Investor Service Center (TISC). The concept of was initiated by the Prime Minister of Thailand, to establish a means of direct communication that would promote coordination and cooperation between the Thai government and international investors who may be contemplating engaging in or furthering their business practices in Thailand.

Thailand's Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund
Thailand's Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund ("the Fund") commenced operation in January 2003. The Fund was established to stimulate financial sector involvement in energy efficiency projects and to simplify project evaluation and financing procedures. The Fund provides capital at no cost to Thai banks to fund energy efficiency projects, and the banks provide low cost loans to project proponents. Government intervention in the financing process is minimized.

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand
SME Bank's mandates are "to conduct business with the aim to develop, promote, and assist small and medium enterprises in the establishment, operation, expansion, or improvement of their businesses through the provision of loans, guarantees, venture capital, counseling and other necessary services as prescribed by the Act."

Board of Investment - Thailand
The Board of Investment (BOI) is working as one-stop shop for service. The BOI helps investors in three key ways: To reduce the risks associated with investment, to reduce initial investment costs and to improve the overall rate of return on investment; and to provide support services at all times.

Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Initiative (SME/FI)
(SME/FI) is a knowledge cum business network that puts together development banks, other specialized financial institutions and development organizations in different countries to discuss and address specific issues in the financing of and other support services to SMEs.

Thailand IPR Service Center
This gives information on IPR systems in Thailand.

Federation of Thai Industries
The Federation aims at strengthening the private sector institutions such that industrialization in Thailand is more sustainable and there is synchronization with other ongoing national economic development processes.

Kenan Institute Asia (KIAsia)
KIAsia strives to be a US-Thai institute of excellence that brings together the resources and skills of the private sector, governments, and universities to promote sustainable partnerships in Asia for economic development. KIAsia provides knowledge, expertise, experience, information, and understanding in all its activities. It does this not through top-down or donor-recipient relationships, but through partnerships that are valuable to all involved.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
ICC is the world business organization, the only representative body that speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world. ICC promotes an open international trade and investment system and the market economy. The website highlights a few activities in Thailand.

Software Park Thailand: A Case Study
Software Park Thailand is a semi-government operation under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) within the Ministry of Science and Technology. It was approved by the government in 1997 and became fully operational in 2000 with the aim to promote the growth of the Thai software industry by attracting local and international partners to form a cluster of software-related businesses supported by world-class infrastructure and technologies.