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Projects calling for investment (2002-2010)
This gives information relating to the activities Ministry of Industry of Viet Nam.

UNIDO - SMEs Promotion programme
UNIDO has been assisting the Vietnamese Government in the field of private sector/SME development since 1996 through the project US/VIE/95/004, Assistance to Private SMEs in Vietnam (funded by Germany at a total cost of US$ 2.3 million). The project has carried out a broad range of activities focusing on the policy framework for the private sector/SME and business development services (BDS).

Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM)
The CIEM is a national institute under the direct authority of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Its functions are: to undertake research and put forward proposals and recommendations on economic laws and regulations (institutions), policies, planning and management mechanisms, business environment and economic renovation; in addition to research, it gives training and re-training to economic management staff and provides consultancy services in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Programme
The broad goal of the SYB programme is for participants to start profitable and sustainable small businesses. The programme is suited to men and women who are thinking of starting a business. There is also a focus towards people who have already started a business but do not know the basics of running a business. The programme is a combination of training, fieldwork and after-training support activities.

Making Private Sector Development Facility
IFC-MPDF is a multi-donor funded initiative set up by the International Finance Corporation in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR, to reduce poverty through sustainable private sector development. Their goal is to help small and medium-sized enterprises, solve common operational and management problems and compete more successfully in the global economy. They work through six interrelated programs to improve the business environment, develop the financial sector, improve managerial capacity, and increase sustainable business practices in three key sectors - tourism, agribusiness, and garments.

World Bank - Vietnam - ICT Development
The Information and Communication Technology Development Project supports two key pillars of the Bank's Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for FY03-FY06, which is based on the Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy: 1) High growth through transition to a market economy - by developing policies for the information communication technology (ICT) sector; and, 2) Adoption of a modern public administration, legal, and governance system - by enhancing the efficiency and transparency of government operations.

National Office of Industrial Property (NOIP)
National Office of Industrial Property has been making efforts to study both the theoretical and practical issues in order to develop a system of regimes and policies approved by State competent authorities, which serve as a legal basis for implementing innovation and industrial property activities nationwide. The legal system has been continuously revised and improved so as to meet the needs of the country's development.

Areas of oeration: Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Appellation of origin, Copyright, Search and Watch, Licensing, Technology Transfer, Anti-counterfeiting & Anti-unfair competition, Litigation and dispute resolution in Vietnam. Trademarks in Japan, US, EU, Russia, China, Korea, ASEAN.

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
The VCCI is a non-governmental independent organization, representing the whole business community in Vietnam. It is devoted to accelerating socio-economic development of the country and promoting economic, commercial and technological cooperation between Vietnam and other countries in the world.

Vnemart was launched in late 2002 to help build up a bridge between Vietnamese enterprises and international business community via the medium of Internet. Vnemart is envisioned to become the first national e-commerce portal whereby users can conduct the whole transaction on-line, from the first stage of looking for information, making enquiries to making orders and settling payments. The portal is aimed at assisting Vietnamese and foreign businesses to gain more market knowledge and understanding about legal and regulatory frameworks and business practices of each country and to seek for trading partners and opportunities.

UNIDO - SMEs Promotion
Upon instruction of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), the Agency for SME Development, Japan and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) act as co-chairs of the "SME Partnership Group" in Vietnam, a joint initiative which provides a platform of exchange between the Vietnamese Government and the donor community, aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of ODA in the field of SME promotion and private sector development.

The man objective of Vietnam Economic Portal (VNEP) is to supply information on Vietnam's economic renovation and development, mostly focusing on two kinds of information: news on current events of Vietnam's economy and research products making contribution to the economic policy-making process of Vietnam.

For the development of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, Business Information Center (BIZIC), under Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and German Technical Co-operation have jointly established and developed Website SMEnet, which stands for Small and Medium Enterprise Net. SMEnet supports SMEs, increases their competitive edge. According to Agreement between BIZIC, VCCI and GTZ, SMEnet is to be gradually transferred to BIZIC.