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Date and Venue
21-22 September 2005, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT)
National Innovation Agency, Government of Thailand
Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Thailand

In partnerships with
The Industrial Biotechnology Institute
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Biotec)
Pacific Biotec Co., Ltd.
Sukko Culture Spa & Wellness
Rouse & Co. International

Brief Profile of Participants
4 international experts
5 national experts
200 participants from NIS stakeholders

Addresses Delivered for the Inaugural Session of InnovAsia
Minister of Science & Technology, Thailand
Director and UNESCO Representative

Keynote and Guest Speeches by International Experts at the joint Inaugural Session of the Workshop and InnovAsia
National Competitiveness and Innovation: the Future for Thailand?
H.E. Mr Korn Thapparansi, former Minister of Science & Technology, Thailand

Myths and Realities in the Global Innovation Ecosystem: Implications for Asian Innovation
Professor Charles Wessner, Executive Director, National Academy of Sciences, USA

The Future of Innovation in Asia-Pacific
Kathleen N Kingscott, Director, Worldwide Innovation Policy, IBM Corporation

Thailand: Competitive Innovation Strategies, A compilation of successful innovations and approaches in Thailand
Mr Preeda Youngsuksathaporn (NIA) and Prof Silvio L Emery (Vice-President, Siam University)

Addresses Delivered at the NIS Workshop
Vice Chairman, Federation of Thai Industries and Chairman of the Industrial Biotechnology Institute
Director, National Innovation Agency

Keynote Speeches by International Experts for the NIS Workshop
National Innovation Systems: Policy Framework
Mr. Se-Jun Yoon, Director APCTT
Biotechnology Information Network for Asia (BINASIA)
Mr. N Srinivasan, Innovation Management, APCTT

Global Perspectives in Biotechnology and Bio-business
Dr. Jong-Sei Park, Chairman, Korea BioVenture Association

Case Studies of Institutional- and Organizational Specific Innovation Programmes in Bio-sector
Dr. S.K. Kulshreshta, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India

Biotechnology Business: Global Trends with Special Focus on India
Mrs. Joyti S.A. Bhat, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India

Innovation Support Systems for Health Care Biotech Industry in India – A Case Study
Mr. A.V. Chainulu, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India

The workshop, organized in conjunction with the Conference on InnovAsia 2005, focused on two main themes: National Innovation System for Biotechnology and Value Creation in Bio-Business. An expert from the Republic of Korea provided the global scenario and developments concerning these issues. Three experts from India presented biotechnology-specific strategies, schemes and practices to promote bio-innovation and biotechnology in India. The Director of APCTT made a presentation on “Innovation policy framework: concept, elements, development and implementation”. APCTT also made a presentation on BINASIA. Participants were encouraged to enhance country-specific contents by online contribution and the sharing of information. The concluding session on the topic of Mobilizing innovation in bio-business was conducted in the Thai language. Five national experts from Thailand discussed the future of bio-business, revitalizing bionetworks, business opportunities and issues associated with IPR. A common inaugural session and three parallel thematic workshops of the two events benefited the participants of the NIS workshop as there were presentations on various aspects of innovation and innovation management. Themes of the parallel workshops were: (i) Capacity-building in innovation management: stimulating innovation in the ASEAN region; (ii) Intellectual property rights; and (iii) Innovation and entrepreneurship. The Director and UNESCO Representative, UNESCO office/Jakarta, Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific in his opening remarks traced the history of S&T policy, which is now focusing on innovation and innovation management, reflecting changing of times and strategies in the era of globalization and intense competition. At the inaugural session, three keynote papers, “National competitiveness and innovation – the future for Thailand?”, “The future of innovation in Asia-Pacific”, and “Myths and realities in the global innovation ecosystem: implication for Asian innovation”, were presented by renowned international experts.

Details of the Technical Sessions
Technical Session I
Capacity-Building in Innovation Management: Stimulating innovation in the ASEAN region

Building science, technology and innovation policies for the future
Prof. Horst Hippler, Rector, Karlsruhe University, Germany

Towards an entrepreneurial university model to support knowledge-based economic development: The NUS experience
Prof. Wong Poh Kam, Director, National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Centre

University and institute linkages with industry for economic development
David Rideout, Director of the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)

From Fragmentation to Integration: Development Process of Innovative Clusters in Korea
Kong-Rae Lee, Science & Technology Policy Institute, (STEPI)

Human capital and capacity-building
Prof. Dr Chira Hongladarom, Director, Human Resources Institute, Thammasat University, Bangkok

Technical Session II
Intellectual Property Rights
Protecting innovation: IPR challenges and issues in Thailand / Asia
Dr. Kanissorn Navanugraha, Director General, Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand

Development, management and commercialization of intellectual property assets: do patents promote innovation?
Prof. Iwan Davies, Head of Law, University of Wales, Swansea, UK

Innovation & IPR in grassroots cultural enterprises
Manisha Gupta, IPR researcher, Rajasthan, India

Geographical indicators in Asia: a strategic tool for sustainable development, based on the Thailand, China and Vietnam experiences
Philippe Bonbled, Ministry of Agriculture, France

IP protection in the life sciences
Dr. Simon Jan de Hoop, Research Director, East West Seed International Limited

Technical Session III
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Creativity and recognition of commercial opportunity in scientific discovery
Dr. Guy Heathers, Asia Biobusiness Pte Ltd

Securing venture capital: the role of financial institutions in facilitating the innovation process
Dr. Simon Barnes, Director, Entrepreneurship Centre, Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London

Valuation and assessment of high technology businesses
Dr. David Wynne, Partner, Upstream Ventures, Singapore

Commercialization of UTM Research Findings: Problems and Challenges
Dr. Amran Rasli, Deputy Dean, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Building a Successful Technology Commercialization Enterprise
Edward J. Kenney, President, Science Advancement Group, LLC

Technical Session IV (Special Thai Language Session)
Mobilising Innovation in Bio-business
Future of Bio-business: unlimited possibilities
Dr. Bhusana Premanode, Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London

Revitalising Bio-networks
Dr. Ninlawan Petcharaburanin, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries and
Chairman of the Industrial Biotechnology Institute

Cultural Spa: The Next Innovation of Spa in Asia
Mr. Sunai Wachirawarakarn, General Manager, Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness

Biotechnology, Business Opportunities and Legal Aspects of Trading
Mr. Fabrice Mattei, Managing Director, Rouse & Co. International, Thailand

Protecting, commercializing and enforcing IP rights – Licensing and Franchising, a Practical Approach

Mr. James Evans, Rouse & Co. International, Thailand