Renewable Energy Cooperation-Network
for the Asia Pacific


RECAP offers a variety of searchable services on renewable energy through a web-based resource facility. This facility will serve as a platform for cooperation among countries in the Asia Pacific region in the area of renewable energy to accelerate its development and deployment. It is a one-stop shop for quality information available in participating member countries of the region on renewable energy technologies (RETs), resource assessment, technology transfer planning and implementation, research projects where collaboration is being sought, potential private investors and affordable finance, and policies and policy instruments for promoting the utilization of renewable energy technologies

  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Mini Hydro Power
  • Wind
Cooperation Capacities
Information Dissemination and Networking
Information Sharing:
  • To share best practices on RET selection, adoption and usage.
  • To share best practices on policies and policy instruments used by member countries to promote the adoption and usage of RETs.
  • To develop skills for resource assessment and technical specification preparation for choosing RETs
  • To develop skills for planning and implementing renewable energy technology transfer projects.
  • To encourage joint training and collaborative R&D among relevant institutions so to fast track suitable renewable energy projects.
  • To encourage commercialization of new technologies.
  • To facilitate cross-border R&D collaboration for adaptive research on RETs and RE systems and improve existing systems to suit local conditions.
Technology Transfer:
To promote B2B partnerships through APCTT’s technology4sme portal.
Target group
Government agencies, R&D institutions, universities, technology transfer intermediaries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Provide access to data and other information.
  • Foster links between industry, R&D institutions and academia.
  • Establish a market information service.
  • Provide training on preparation of technical specifications and technology transfer project preparation.
  • Facilitate through an online market the formation of JVs, and other forms of B2B cooperation.