Renewable Energy Cooperation-Network
for the Asia Pacific

Renewable Energy Technology Bank (RET-Bank)

APCTT’s Renewable Energy Cooperation-Network for the Asia Pacific (RECAP) is an institutional cooperation mechanism that has been set up in accordance with United Nations ESCAP Commission resolution 64/3 of 30 April 2008 on promoting renewables for energy security and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. APCTT received generous funding support of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India for establishing this institutional cooperation mechanism for promoting cross-border cooperation in the promotion of renewable energy among countries in the Asia-Pacific region. RECAP aims to strengthen the capacity of member countries to promote the utilization and development of renewable energy technologies (RETs) to meet their energy needs and foster sustainable development. As on date, there are 15 member countries, viz. Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Viet Nam are part of the RECAP network. This Institutional Cooperation Mechanism is in the form of a network of member countries, facilitated by APCTT, that would continue to perform four major functions, namely:

  • Collection and dissemination of information on renewable energy technologies (RETs),
  • Sharing of best practices on renewable energy (RE) promotion and utilization,
  • Developing capacity to plan and implement RET transfer projects, and
  • Promoting research and development (R&D) collaboration in renewable energy technologies.

Since June 2009, APCTT planned and implemented several activities towards establishing this cooperation mechanism including the design and development of RECAP website and RECAP On-line Solution Center to cater to the need of renewable energy practitioners in member countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The primary objective of RECAP network is to facilitate technology transfer cooperation among countries in the Asia-Pacific region in the area of renewable energy. Towards this end, APCTT has developed a “Renewable Energy Technology Bank (RET-Bank)” of tested and proven renewable energy technologies (RETs) initially in the areas of solar, biomass, wind, mini-hydro power and geo-thermal energy. It is envisaged that this technology bank would act as a repository of information on renewable energy technologies that are readily available for transfer and deployment. APCTT has developed this Renewable Energy Technology Bank as on-line technology database freely available for public access through its RECAP website. Visit RET-Bank