Renewable Energy Cooperation-Network
for the Asia Pacific

RET Resource Assessment

RET Resource Assessment

APCTT is implementing a project entitled, Supporting the Development of an Institutional Cooperation Mechanism to Promote Renewable Energy to strengthen the capacity of member countries to promote the utilization of renewable energy resources to meet their energy needs. It is envisaged that the mechanism will be in the form of a network of participating member countries facilitated by APCTT that will perform four major functions, namely:

  • Collection and dissemination of information on renewable energy technologies (RET)
  • Sharing of best practices on renewable energy (RE) promotion and utilization
  • Developing capacity to plan and implement RET transfer projects, and
  • Promoting research and development (R&D) collaboration in renewable energy technologies.

Renewable Energy Resource Assessment is an important aspect of developing capacity to plan and implement RET transfer projects. It involves various methodologies, tools and techniques for estimating the relative potential for the generation of renewable energy using the available natural resources, in a specific location or site. Accurate resource assessments are crucial to the successful development of appropriate renewable energy systems that best suit the local conditions and harness maximum energy from the available natural resources specific to the location or site.

In recognition of the importance of the renewable energy resource assessment exercise in the successful implementation of renewable energy programmes, APCTT has developed a guide book for renewable energy resource assessment for each of the selected four renewable energy sectors such as solar, biomass, wind as well as mini-hydro power. These guidebooks on resource assessment prepared by APCTT would be very valuable sources of information for understanding the basics of the renewable energy resource assessment for the practioners of renewable energy in biomass, solar, wind and mini-hydro power, in the Asia-Pacific region.