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Recycling of P.E.T. Wastes into Polyester Polyols

Recycling of P.E.T. Wastes into Polyester Polyols, from Czech Republic
Czech company is offering technology for recycling of P.E.T. wastes (plastic P.E.T. bottles, X-ray films, etc) to produce polyester polyols. The process consists of the following steps:
Collection of P.E.T. wastes
Sorting out and shredding of collected P.E.T. wastes
Simple chemical process of glycolysis and esterification
Production of polyester polyols.

Contact details of the supplier:

Mr. Ing. Karel Zverina
Managing Director
TBIC Spol s.r.o.
Lucni 2619/17
130 04 PRague 3
Czech Republic
Fax: +(420-2) 6631-4948

Sector: Chemicals
Country: India
Area of Application:
Chemical industry: polyester polyol is a base material for the chemistry of polyurethanes, especially the production of polyurethane foams which are primarily transfered into energy saving and insulation materials.
Keywords: PET, polyester polyols, wastes, chemicals
Waste utilisation: eliminates PET wastes and produces a raw material (polyester polyol) for which demand is increasing throughout the world at a fast growing rate.
Simple process
Energy-efficient product having good insulation characteristics
Environmental sound technology, cleaner production; the process is clean and carries no environmental danger, it transforms PET into an energy saving material
Environmental aspects:
Development Status: PilotPlant
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications:
Transfer Terms:
  • Technology Licensing
  • Others
Target Countries:
Estimated cost (US$):
Your Contact Details:
Contact Person: APCTT (UNESCAP)
Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology (APCTT)
C-2, Qutab Institutional Area
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 110016

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