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Transmute Seaweed Food

The instrument for transmute seaweed food consists of four machines:
(1) The seaweed washer of which efficiency is 60 kilograms (kg) of “Gai” seaweed/30 minutes or 30 seconds/kg. in average, compared to the traditional wash which is 1 hour 30 minutes/kg;

(2) The spinner and decomposer machine of which duties are spinning and decomposing the 3-kilogram dried “Gai” seaweed/2 minutes;

(3) The grilled machine used for grilling “Gai” seaweed sheets continually with the constant speed of1.5 cycles/minute and use gas as fuel;

(4) The sorting machine used for sorting “Gai” seaweed powder according to 7 different sizes of the powder by means of 7 layers of the sorter controlled by motor transmitting the power to the camshaft to make the sorting machine worked continuously.

Sector: Agriculture & Agro-industry
Country: Thailand
Area of Application: agriculture
Keywords: Instrument for Transmute Seaweed Food, Seaweed washer, Spinner and decomposer machine, Grill machine, Sorting machine used for "Gai" seaweed powder
Environmental aspects:
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Transfer Terms: Others
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Office if Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Science and Technology
Rama IV Road Ratchathevi
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Zip/Pin Code: 10400

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