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Non thermal plasma technology

A plasma technology has been developed after many years of research that can be used in two ways.Firstly as a diesel particulate trap. Secondly to remove pollutants from industrial gas streams

Sector: Environment
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application:
Diesel engines of all types including stationary
Pollutant or odour removal from industrial gas streams
Keywords: plasma, filter,particulate,pollutant
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
Development Status:
  • LaboratoryModel
  • Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection:
  • Trade Mark
  • Patent
  • copyright designs and technical reports
Technical specifications:
prototypes tested by engine and vehicle manufactures.
Tests on indusrial site
Transfer Terms:
  • Technology Licensing
  • Others
  • Sale of patents etc.
Target Countries:
  • Japan
  • Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of)
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Address: 21 haywards close
City: wantage
Country: United Kingdom
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