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Utilisation of Monori Sweet Sugar Sorghum for Stabilizing Biogas Production

The aim of the technology is the stabilization of the biogas production process utilizing the green stalk of the Monori sweet sorghum plant in relation with biomass, different organic materials, and liquid manure. The sorghum secures primarily the stability of the gas production; it is also suitable for the production of gas in high quantities. The application of sugar sorghum in the case of the before mentioned materials does not only stabilize gas production, it secures a continuous and highly efficient level of gas production. Therefore the operating costs will be highly decreased, the time period necessary for the degradation of the biomass and the harmful influence on the environment will be decreased also.

Sector: Agriculture & Agro-industry
Country: Hungary
Area of Application:
The technology ensures stable gas production in biogas plants, therefore it can be used firstly for biogas plants and biogas plants of agricultural, animal husbandry, food processing companies.
Keywords: biogas, bioplant
The procedure does not use chemicals, therefore the procedure is eco-friendly. The Monori sweet sugar sorghum can be used for economical biomass production, besides it can be easily processed and utilized for animal feeding and energetical (high output of methane/ha, or for bioethanole production) purposes. 1 kg dry matter produces 480-600 l gas, that means a multiplicator of 1,3 – 2 according to the gas quantity in relation to other plants. The Monori sweet sugar sorghum is applicable for sugar production purposes, because of its high RF sugar content
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)
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City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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