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Procedure for Treatment of Meat Industrial Waste (Hungary)

Our partner, a Hungarian SME has developed a new procedure for the pre-treatment and two-stage thermal treatment of meat industrial solid phase or sludge waste for rapid reduction of odor emission furthermore suppressing pathogens in the early stages of total treatment period before the composting.

The newly developed technology is based on the complex utilisation of following raw materials:
-livestock wastes, TSE free animal organs, manure, semi-liquid manure, food-processing industrial wastes, canning industrial wastes, diary industrial wastes, technological sewage sludge
-meat meal, solid phase or semi-liquid phase biogas residues, animal meat, animal hair, animal skin, eggs, diary products, feathers

The aim of the technology is to provide a composted end-product, which can be potentially used for soil-improvement and conditioning with high total organic matter, total N, total P, total K content.

The technology procedure includes 3 phases,
1. Pre-treatment:
Pre-storage of meat industrial wastes cause significant odor emission: S-compound, ammonia, phenolic compounds, volatile fatty acids (C2-C7). It can be easily minimized by using essential plant oils with application of conventional additives. Our partner’s full-scale experiment demonstrated that utilization of additives caused significant inhibition effect on pathogen survival in 48 hours.

2. Two-stage thermal treatment:
During the treatment the company applies a two-stage method by using non thermophilic phase before the second thermal stage at temperatures below 60 oC. After the second thermal stage plant derived oils are used for deodoration and conservation of short-chain organic and fatty acids.

3. Composting:
Depending on the physical-chemical characteristics the composting procedure is planned by using adiabatic bioreactor.

Sector: Agriculture & Agro-industry
Country: Hungary
Area of Application:
• waste treatment and recycling industry
• food processing industry
• meat industry
• plant nutrition
• agrochemistry
Keywords: waste, treatment, recycling, food processing, meat, plant nutrition
• the pre-treatment of meat industrial wastes induces significant reduction of indicator number of total coliform number during storage
• the complex controlled composting procedure results in an environmentally friendly product for plant nutrition and soil improvement
• via controlled treatment composted meat industrial product has significantly higher organic matter, total N, total P content than manures from conventional mesophilic and thermophilic digesting procedure
• the compost product is an organic source for revitalization of mine spoils and municipal solid waste landfills during recultivation
Environmental aspects: Waste utilization
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)
Address: H-6701 PO Box 1191.
City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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