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Modular System for Generating Electricity from Moving Water (Canada)

A submersible technology, which is called Optimset Turbo, for producing electricity from the channel, river, ocean or tidal water currents has been developed by a Canadian company known as Optimset.

This is the only free-flow hydropower technology having the following unique features:

1. Innovative vertical axis underwater hydro-turbine
2. Water flow acceleration
3. High torque and superior efficiency
4. Ideal for shallow water implementations
5. 100% fish and clogging protection
6. Instant deployment and removing
7. Equal suitability for use in unidirectional (river) and bidirectional (tidal) currents
8. Equal suitability for commercial and individual customers
9. Low cost production and maintenance
10. No negative environmental impact
11. Portability and modularity.

The embodiments of the system comprise a set of interconnected modules. Each module contains a fluid flow energy converter positioned in a protecting housing. A converter consists of a vertical axis underwater hydro-turbine and a water flow accelerator. The turbine has an arrangement of paddles with mutually perpendicularly oriented floatable and sinkable blades. Such orientation of blades provides a positive feedback minimizing the blades’ friction while maximizing a drag force and maximizing the turbine’s efficiency. A water flow accelerator funnels incoming water current through the working part of the turbine and protects the resting part of the turbine from moving water. It further decreases the blades’ friction and increases the fluid velocity through the turbine thereby enhancing the power output of the converter. An array of interconnected modules can be used to create versatile configurations of robust submersible hydroelectric power systems, which are inexpensive to build, install, maintain and dismantle.

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207 Galloway Rd., Unit 401
Toronto, ON M1E 4X3
Tel: 416-724-9019

Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Hydro power generation
Keywords: Modular system for generating electricity
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Contact Person: UN-ESCAP/APCTT
Address: C-2 Qutab Institutional Area
City: New Delhi
Country: India
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