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Manufacturing Sodium hydrosulphite Using of chemical compounds

Sodium hydrosulphite is used widely in vat textile dyeing as a stripping agent in dyes , many other chemical matters and relevant industries.

Sodium hydrosulphite has following properties.

Chemical formula Na2S2o4. 2H2o
Na2S2o4. without water

Apparent state white or gray crystalline powder.

Solubility it is solved in cold water and analyzed in hot water. It is insoluble in alcohol.

Application and usage cases
1) sodium hydrosulphite is one of the most important strong vivifiers and it is used widely in textiles and fibers vat dyeing.
2) This matter is usually applied as a striping agent for textile dyes.
3) This matter is also applied for whitening sugar , mat and soap.
4) Sodium hydrosulphite is also used in press industry.
5) This matter is used as an important laboratorial reagent

to study an industrial place
in recent years , the production of sodium hydrosulphite has been increased considerably in India. But the study and investigation about the consumption rate of sodium hydrosulphite shows that the productions of this matter in productive units isn’t enough for the consumption need of this country and we import the large quantities of it from other countries. Therefore making industrial units is logical and profitable for producing sodium hydrosulphite.


Sodium hydrosulphite that is supplied in market , is produced by following two stages :

1) zinc dusts are made as a suspension in water and sulphur dioxide gas is entered it so zinc hydrosulphite is obtained.

2) Zinc hydrosulphite which has been obtained in a such way , is converted into sodium hydrosulphite by combining it and sodium carbonate solution.

First phase is done by continuous stirring at below 30 ° C

Zn + 2So2 + H2o ? ZnS2o4 + H2o

This reaction is thermogenic therefore it is cooled rapidly to control its temperature.
As well stirring , second phase is done in a lead – lined tank.

The following reaction is done in this tank.
ZnS2o4 + Na2Co3 ? ZnCo3 + Na2S2o4

Temperature is adjusted and kept equal to 48 ° C by rapid cooling. Zinc carbonate is deposited and is separated by filtering.

The solution contains sodium hydrosulphite. The solution is adjusted so that it contains %15 Na2So2o4 and some salt is added to this solution so that watery sodium hydrosulphite will be separated with the formula of Na2S2o4. H2O .

It is heated up to 60 ° C then it is kept in the same temperature for making the waterless crystals of this matter.

Equipment and machinery = number

1) reaction containers = 2
2) middle reserving tank = 1
3) sedimentation tank = 1
4) reserving tank for So2 = 1
5) nutsche filters = 2

Analyzing costs For producing 1 ton (metric) sodium hydrosulphite / day

1) assembly hall = 400 m2
2) the number of employees = 12 persons
3) land and building (rent) = $ 11250
4) equipment and machinery = $ 8594
5) fixed capital = $ 19844
6) required capital for monthly working = $ 10938
7) required capital for quarterly working = $ 32813
8) total capital = $ 52657
9) annual production costs = $ 140625
10) annual receipt = $ 168750
11) annual profit = $ 28125
12) the return rate of capital = % 53.41
13) break – even point = % 31.38

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