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Continuous Room-Temperature Biodiesel Production

Our partner, a Hungarian Institute has developed a novel continuous process for the room-temperature production of biodiesel. The main advantage of this technology is the avoidance of soap formation which so far cause many problems during biodiesel production (emulsion formation, washing problems, slow phase splitting, etc.) They are interested in a license agreement or selling of production equipments.

Sector: Agriculture & Agro-industry
Country: Hungary
Area of Application:
Typical application areas:
Biofuel production plants, fuxel mixing firms

Typical customers:
Refineries, biodiesel producers, vegetable oil producers
Keywords: biodiesel, renewable energy, energy plant, environment
- Room temperature process, energy saving
- Avoidance of soap formation, thus many other problems do not occur, like:
o Problems during emulsion formation
o Washing problems
o Slow phase splitting
- Continuous production technology in a simple apparatus (tube reactor)
- Cheap catalyst removing (KHSO4 or H2SO4) by recyclization of catalyst-removing KHSO4 (acid) with regenerable ion-exchangers
- The byproducts (K2SO4, glycerol or methanol)) can be used as rapeseed production fertilizer or starting material for biogas production
- No water in glycerol phase
- Low methanol and potassium content in the raw ester phase
Environmental aspects:
  • Cleaner Production
  • Energy efficiency
Development Status: PilotPlant
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications:
Vegetable oil methyl esters are generally produced at 60 °C in the presence of 1 % KOH/NaOMe catalyst with stirring for 15-60 min. The main technological problem is the soap formation which causes a s
Transfer Terms:
  • Technical services
  • Technology Licensing
  • Equipment Supply
Target Countries: World Wide
Estimated cost (US$):
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)
Address: H-6701 PO Box 1191.
City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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