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Ocean Hydrokinetic Energy Convertor and Desalinator

This ocean energy convertor can be used for tapping energy from all water movements in seas and oceans. Apart from power generation this device can be used for simultaneous desalination of sea water. Kinetic energy of water molecules moving in the horizontal as well as vertical direction such as due to currents and waves can be utilzed unlike prior art devices where energy from either waves or currents can be tapped with a device. The device is based on the principle of having a barrier standing in the path of currents in seas, ocean, rivers, etc. and waves in seas and oceans. The barrier being adapted to rotate a gearbox/generator.
When installed on sea the device can be set up onshore, near shore and offshore. The device can produce power from tidal currents with low speeds and waves with low power density. With reflectors power can be generated from very low energy currents. The device can operate at its rated capacity under conditions when the energy level of moving water molecules rise by a factor of ten or even more. Automatic adjustment with change in sea levels, ability to operate when current or wave directions change and survivability under severe ocean conditions owing to unique design and construction features are other points of importance.
Gayatri Energy proposes using this device for simultaneous desalination of sea water. Desalination on a mass scale can be done by reverse osmosis method or any other method using this device whereby potable water can be obtained along with power generation with loss of little loss of efficiency.
When employed for tapping energy from tidal currents or currents due to any other reason the efficiency of the system will normally be around 25 to 35 percent. A shrouded configuration will enhance the efficiency by another 20 to 25 percent.

Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Renewable energy generation and desalination
Keywords: Tidal energy devices, wave energy device, desalination, ocean energy convertor,
The device can be used for tapping energy from currents as well as waves.
With reflectors energy from low energy currents and waves can be tapped effectively.
There will be simultaneous desalination of sea water on a mass scale with little loss of efficiency.
There will be no damage to marine life.
The device will be able to operate at its rated capacity when the energy levels rise by a factor of ten or even more.
The device will be robust and will have the capacity to withstand hostile ocean environment.
The device will have very high efficiency.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
Development Status: Design
Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Target Countries: World Wide
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