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NREP/ Taste Masking in drugs

New Reverse Enteric Polymer (NREP) is a cationic ter-polymer which is responsive to changes in pH. It is hydrophobic and hence insoluble in water. Their main use would be for taste masking of drugs and designing custom release profiles in drug formulations.

Sector: Chemicals
Country: India
Area of Application:
· Use as excipient
· Delivery of drugs
· Taste masking
· Coatings for moisture barrier, sustained release and rapid release
· Polymorphism inhibition
Keywords: New Reverse Enteric Polymer, NREP, Taste masking, hydrophobic, coasting, drug delivery, sustained release, formulation
· Taste masking of solid dosage forms and liquid orals
· High Tg (121ºC) – easier to process and cure
· Enhances biocompatibility
· Could be used to custom sustained release of drugs
· Avoids adverse drug-polymer interactions
· Rapid release at gastric pH
· Inhibits polymorphism in drugs
· More stable dosage forms
Environmental aspects:
Development Status: LaboratoryModel
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications:
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
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Contact Person: National Chemical Laboratory, CSIR
A208, PAML Building,
National Chemical Laboratory
Dr Homi Bhabha Road,
City: Pune
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 411007

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