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Technolgy Transfer for Aluminium Sulfate

We offer technical assistance for technology transfer aluminum sulfate plant for any capacity. From raw mterial rich in aluminum content
1- Aluminum trihydrate
2- Kaolin clacined or uncalcined
3- Bauxite
Items covered
1-Uses and Applications
2-Specfication of final product (liquid&solid)
3-Details of Raw Materials and Utilities cosumption figures
4-Manufacturing Process in details either using (kaolin, aluminum trihydrate, bauxite)
5- Quality assurance during production to assure that final product is according to standard specfication
6- Quality control procedure for analysis final product
7-Equipments needed for production line based upon production capacity& technical specfications
8- Piping specfication for handling raw materials and final product
9- Valves specfication for product and raw materials
10- Instrumentation needed for the production line
11- Process Flow Sheet Diagram
12- Plant Layout
13- Land, Building Area Requirements
14- Feasibility of the Project (Complete Cost Economics with Profitability Analysis
15- Suppliers of Plant and Machinery and Raw Materials
16- Break Even Point (BEP)
17- Assisatnce for stratup the plant

Start-up Procedure
The description of the start-up procedure for the plant / unit under consideration: The first sub-section of this section should address the readiness of the plant to be started-up. By readiness it is meant that the plant / unit is ready to accept the process or utility fluid, raw materials or reactants.
Normal Operating Procedure
Description of the normal operation of the plant / unit and indicates the parameters to be monitored for maintaining the product quality and operational reliability of the plant / unit.
Shutdown Procedure
Description of the shutdown procedures to stop the operation of the plant
Emergency shutdown
In case of power failure or abnormal condition
We offer technical assistance for technology transfer for polyaluminum chloride plant with the same details as aluminum sulfate plant

We also provied fesiability study for
1-aluminum sulfate project
2- Poly aluminum chloride
3- Zinc sulfate
4-Magnesium sulfate
5- Calcium chloride
Name engineer ALSAYED ANWAR

MOBILE + 20 122 316 6854


Sector: Chemicals
Country: Egypt
Area of Application: water treatment
Keywords: process know how
Advantages: effective cheap cost with up to date technology
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: my expert as consultant chemical engineer fro 45 years
Technical specifications: any capacity /y according to client demand
Transfer Terms:
  • Consultancy
  • Technical services
  • Equipment Supply
Target Countries: World Wide
Estimated cost (US$): 7000
Your Contact Details:
Contact Person:
Address: egypt ,cairo ,heliopolis
City: cairo
Country: Egypt
Zip/Pin Code: 11134

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