Description of technology

Biogas is a combustible gas mixture which mainly includes methane and carbon dioxide. It was usually used for heating, cooking, lighting, generating electricity as rural energy. It was produced from organic matter by a variety of microorganism under anaerobic environment. The eligible building of anaerobic digester, sufficient raw material and inoculum are required to produce biogas. Regular feeding and discharging are guaranties for continuous supply of biogas.

Specific Features
Biogas is a clean renewable energy. It can replace firewood, oil, gas, electricity.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Biogas, rural area, organic waste, anaerobic digester
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
Providing high grade fuel and organic fertilizer for rural life and production, reducing consumption of fossil energy and fertilizer, increasing income of rural people, improving life quality of rural
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Most rural area
List of components used
crusher, anaerobic digester, gas pipe, valve, desulfurizer, desulfurizing agent, biogas cooker, biogas heater, biogas lamp, biogas power generater, slag carriers.
Total area required (sqM)
at least 10 m2
Materials required for construction
Steel, sand, cement, concrete, brick, water, PVC pipe, valve, et al.
Procedure of Installation
To construct and install in according to the related standard, such as Collection of standard design drawings for household anaerobic digesters(GB/T 4750-2002), technical code fro biogas engineering(NY/T 1220-2006).
Maintenance requirements
Collection and pretreatment of raw materials, Regular feeding and discharging, Checking for leakage, Replacing desulfurizing agent
Total investment
RMB 3,200/ a 8 m3rural biogas plant
Technology transfer terms
Name of the organization
GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address/Zip code

No.2,Nengyuan Rd,Wushan,Tianhe District
Guangzhou / China