08 to 09 November 2016
Mandalay, Myanmar

The workshop on “Best Practices in Farmer-led Seed Enterprise Development for Improving Seed Quality and Enhancing Revenue Generation” is being conducted by the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) and Network Activities Group (NAG) to understand the challenges and constraints in farmer-led seed enterprise development especially in the dry zone of Myanmar and to identify solutions for overcoming challenges as well as to learn best practices in establishing effective and efficient farmer-led seed enterprises in the dry zone of Myanmar. During the workshop, the constraints in farmer-led seed enterprise development in the dry zone of Myanmar will be brainstormed with the participants through interactive discussions to identify key challenges and technical barriers encountered during various stages of seed enterprise development. Based on the observations, a few best practices and solutions for overcoming those challenges and barriers in seed enterprise development will be shared with the participants. This workshop will also involve reviewing the case study of a successful farmer-led seed enterprise model implemented elsewhere and explore options for replicating this business model in the dry zone of Myanmar. Lead farmers, farmer association representatives, NGOs and LIFT implementing partners involved in seed production, key nodal agencies of the government including Department of Agricultural Research (DAR) and the private sector (entrepreneurs as well as representatives from seed farms) will participate in the workshop.

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