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CEL have already installed many stand alone/grid interactive and hybrid power plant for different rural as well as urban applications such as lighting farmhouse, schools, deepwell water pumping, entertainment/wireless applications, irrigation etc in the India/abroad.
We are in a position to provide the knowhow for the SPV off/on grid as well as BIPV (building integrated Photovoltaic)…
Dimensions 350x350x525 mm Total weight 8 kg Fuel consumption 600g per batch Cylinder capacity 600g Fuel Fire wood chips Dry wood chips are used as fuel while using other type of biomass such as small pieces of coconut shells, as alternatives. Specifications of the stove are as follows. 01. Capacity of cooking pan - Sufficient for 5 member family 02. Type of fuel - Dry wood chips, nut shells etc.…
Micro Hydro utilizes the kinetic energy of running water to change it into mechanical or motive power with the use of suitable turbine that rotates the generator to produce electricity. Due to availability of abundant water resources and suitable topography of the country the technology has high potential to utilise and meet rural energy needs. Nepal has abundant hydro power potential of 83000 MW…
What it is?
It is a proven Renewable Energy Technology used for producing electricty.

How does it work?
Kinetic energy of water is turned into mechanical energy by turbines which in turned is converted into electrical energy by a genereator.

Where it can be used?
High and medium altitude hills, rivers and streams, for supplying electricty to…
Micro and Mini Hydro Power Generation has the capacity to produce electricity from above 5 kW up to 100 kW. Micro- and mini hydro power generation consist of turbine, generator, and control panel system. Turbine function to convert energy potential into torque energy to rotate the generator. Control panel system function to regulate and protect the distribution so the customers will have a stable…
One of possibility to convert palm oil (crude palm oil) to biodiesel by the catalytic processing. Mostly, palm oil contains long chain of free-, -fatty acid. In order to convert to biodiesel, the oxygen contain in palm oil should be removed by the catalytic process using hydrodeoxigenation catalysts (HDO reaction). These catalyts usually as suported bimetal catalysts. Surely, the conditon process…
Process converting palm oil (crude palm oil) to biogasoline is slightly same process with biodiesel processing by using catalyst but with different reaction. In this process, a catalytic cracking reaction is conducted. After, degumming process, the palm oil (crude palm oil) is directly contacted to the bed catalysts at a high temperutre and low pressure condition in N2 gas. Then, the product is…
Pellet Boiler -Wood pellets : These are a type of wood fuel, generally made from compacted sawdust of other wastes from sawmilling and other wood products manufacture. -Pellet boiler : This boiler generate heat by using wood pellet. -It can be used in the area of building, plant and agriculture where need heat
Photovoltaic Module
: 3Bus bar Module

-Low Serial Resistance
-High Mechanical Stability
-higher yield compared to 2Bus bar Module (about 2%)
-Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing Process :
1. Cell screening and classification process
2. Tabbing and Stringing process
3. Sheet cutting
4. Lay-up and bus bar welding process

-Durable Frame : The maximum wind speed 40m/sec

-EVA Film : Improved conductivity, Cell protection from external environment

-Low iron tempered glass : Durable, high conductivity

-Anti-Lighting Reflective Coating : Module efficiency