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Central Electronics Limited (CEL) is a Public Sector Enterprise under the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. It was established in 1974 with an objective to commercially exploit the indigenous technologies developed by National Laboratories and R&D Institutions in the country. CEL utilized the home grown…
Three stages gasifer technology in Thailand is implemented at Thungtrapungclone area, Ladbualuang, Ayuthaya province. Rice husk is used as biomass feedstock. The operation principle of this technology is as follow: 1. Oven drying of rice husk: the exhaust gas will be used to heat up rice husk to about 100 oC in order to decrease its moisture content. The electric blower will then be used to…
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
: Generator using wind power to generate electricity

-Vertical Axis Type: The wind blowing any direction, are also available
-Aircraft Winglet Structure : Improve efficiency

-Improved Blade Shape : Improve turbine performance and efficiency of the initial start

-Direct Drive Turbine : Less trouble
Wind & solar hybrid power plant with water pumping system The environmentally friendly renewable energy power system is expected to contribute to reduce the greenhouse gas emission by substituting existing diesel engine generators and decreasing the emissions of waste carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases. It is also expected that the solar pumping system contribute to decrease the water-…
Wind Turbine (Loop Wing)

-Low-noise : Loop wing, Vortex does not occur

-Proper rotation speed : Multi-deceleration function, Low-noise

-Durability : Loop wing wind turbine uses shaft for ship. (Oil-bath), Vibration reduction feature, Multi-deceleration function

-Efficiency : No need to start the motor ring

-No limitation…
Wind technology in Thailand is implemented at HuaSai District in Nakhon Srithammarat province. It is FD-7X series double-Fed Asynchronous WTGS designed by Changzhou Railcar Propulsion Engineering R&D Centre. The wind turbine has a rate power of 1.5 MW. Rotor diameter is 77 m, corresponded to rated wind speed of 11.5 m/s. The wind turbine is horizontal-axis type, upwind design with 3 blades.…