Agriculture & Agro-industry
Automotive Components
Ceramics & Glass
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A Rapid Diagnostic Kit and Reagents for Detecting Dengue Infections
A sensor for Detecting. Air Leakage In Packed Items And Storage Plants.
A Solvent Tolerant Bacterial Lipase and its Application in Food Industry
A Superior System for Catheter Needle Placement
A-1 Times
ABT Rooting Powder - a Plant Growth Regulator
Accurate Guide Wire Positioning System for Orthopedic Implant/trauma Surgeries
Activated Carbon from Rice Husk Using Chemical Compounds
Active Packaging for Fruits & Vegetable
Advanced Compound Wall Gate
Advanced Locker
Advanced sofa-cum-bed
Affordable Quake-proof Adobe Housing (Peru)
Agriculture Soap
Air Ambiator - An Alternative Air Conditioner (India)
Air Bubble Packaging Film
Air Condition and Cooling Technology
Air Pollution Control Equipments (Italy)
Airborne Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) (Thailand)
Aircraft and Engine Overhaul
Al-Coated Glass Mirror Manufacturing Line
Aluminium / Magnesium Antacids
Aluminum and Magnesium based Antacids
Aluminum Sulfate Manfacturing Plant
Amino Resins
Ammonium Chloride
An Analogue of Oenostacin with Potent Antibacterial Activity-A Strong Step to Combat Antibiotic Resistance
An exhaust cooker for preparing food using exhaust flue gas from a vehicle
An Exhaust Cooker for Preparing Food Using Exhaust Flue Gas from Vehicles
An Improved and Superior Vascular Stent
An Improved Method for Commercial Manufacturing of Horse Chestnut Extract Having ß- escin Not Less Than 20%.
An Improved Method for Manufacturing of 40% Gokharu
An Improved Method for Manufacturing of Bacopa monnieri Extract
An Improved Process for Isolation and Purification of Lysergol from Ipomoeia hederacea seeds
AnexTEK SP230 Pocket PC Mobile phone
Animal Model System to Study Pathogenesis
Antenna for Mobile Communication Terminal
Anti - Ulceritic APIs
Anti-Cancer Health Food
Antimicrobial activity of Aqueous Extract of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) to Inhibit the Growth of MRSA
ASIC based bpsk / qpsk Demodulator
Audio Visual System
Automatic Labelling Machine (ALM) (Malaysia)
Automatic Recessing Head (India)
Automotive : Car / SUV Crash Managment System
Automotive Battery Manufacturing Plant
Avoid Elbow Erosion from Coal/Ash/Catalytic Slurries
Avoid Elbow Erosion from Coal/Ash/Catalytic Slurries
Avoid Elbow Erosion from Coal/Ash/Catalytic Slurries