Agriculture & Agro-industry
Automotive Components
Ceramics & Glass
Submit Technology Offer
Carbon-neutral Power Generation
Carrier Materials for Mosquito-larvae Killing Pesticides
Cashew processsing for rural communities
Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
Catalyst on the metal-CeO2 basis
Cellulosic Ethanol from Bagasse (Brazil)
Centrifugal Clutch (India)
CETO Wave Energy Eystem
Cheaper Solar Power
Cheaper Way to Produce Dye-sensitive Solar Cells
Chemical Plant Consultancy Services
Chemical Technology
Chitin & Chitosan
Chitin & Chitosan
Chitin and Chitosan
Chocolate Manufacturing Technology with Machinery
Chocolate Moulding Machince
Chocolate Refiner Conches
Chrome Recovery Process for Leather Industry
Clean Coal Production
Cleaner Chromium Tanning
Cleaner Chromium Tanning Method - Closed Pickle Tan Loop System
Clipped Constant Envelope M-ary Variant Multi-code TD for High-speed Wireless Multi-media Transmission LAN/PAN, using an Inexpensive Amplifier
Clorsulon and its Intermediates
CO2 Recovery Plant from Sodium Silicate Plant
Coal Distillation Unit and High Pressure Kiln
Coating Resins: Alkydes, Saturated, Polyester Resins, Amino Resins and Additives by using of beta naphthol & acetone
Coconut Cream Extractor (Fiji)
Coconut Milk Beverage
Coir Atlas
Colloidal Silica
Communication System for Emergency Telemedicine
Complex SMS Compression, Translation and Text to Speech Technology
Composite Anti-Retroviral Drug and its Process
Composition and Method of Water Soluble Extract of Defined Content of Kutkin from Picrorrhiza kaurva rhizomes
Composting Process using Microbes and Herbal Extracts
Compressed Earth Block Technology
Computational Techniques
Computational Techniques
Computer Programming Technology
Computer Systems Design
Computer-operated Technology for Chemical Weed Control on Railroads
Concentrating Solar Cell Receiver Assembly
Consultancy for Disaster Management in Sri Lanka
Consultancy in Food Processing and Packaging on Turnkey Basis
Consultancy in Organic Chemicals Sector
Consultancy on Food Processing and Packaging – Both Brownfield Expansions and Green Field Projects
Consultancy Services for Product Modification and Development of Better Production Methods
Consultancy Services for Sri Lankan Industrialists in Technology Transfer