Agriculture & Agro-industry
Automotive Components
Ceramics & Glass
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Development of Resource Scheduling Algorithm Adaptable Type to its Base of Resource Elements Graph
Development of RFID based Middle Ware
Development Technology of Frame Base Application
Device to Cut Branches of Trees from the Ground
DEXA Wave Energy Converter
Diagnostic Kit
Diagnostic Kit for Rapid Detection of Dengue
Diagnostic kits (India)
Diagnostic Probe, Kit and Method for Tonometric Examination
Dialysis Instrument
Direct Solar Box Type Dryer
Disposable Blood Bag Systems
disposable syringe production line
Dry Milling Corn Process
Dynamic Measuring Machine (Malaysia)
Early Warning System for Disaster-prone Development Areas
Earthquake-proof Concrete Homes (Indonesia)
Earthquake-proof Foam House
Earthquake-proof House
Economical Bio-insecticide for Mosquitoes
Economical Disaster Resistant Housing Construction system
Economical Levobupivacaine Synthesis Process
Educational Information System
Effective Technology for Decortication of Fibrous Plants Producing Raw Material For Pulp, Paper and Composite Industry
Efficient Device for Eliminating Smoke
Efficient Hydrogen Production
Efficient Renewable Free Fuel Power Solution (USA)
Efficient Stripping of Yarn & Thread Remnants from Bobbines and Tubes
Electric Motorcycle
Electric reactor based on a chain reaction. Fuel-free electric power station of 10 kW
Electric Vehicle With Easy and Auto Recharging System
Electro Vibration System for Husk Seperation
Electro-chemical Engine
Electrochemical Emulsion Breaker Equipment for Waste water Treatment
Electronic Ballast Technology, India
Electronic Product Designing and Software Design
Electronic System Technology and Source Code Analysis
Electrophysiological Method and Software to Recognize Amblyopia in Early Childhood Stage
Electroplating Using Organic and Inorganic compounds
Electroplating Using Organic and Inorganic compounds
Electroplating Using Organic and Inorganic compounds
Eliminating Gasoline Evaporation and Fire Risk
Embedded System Software Development
Energy Efficient Gypsum Calcinator (India)
Energy Free Comfort Mattress
Energy from Biomass
Energy Magnets for Endless Motion
Energy Management Suite for Process & Power Plants
Engraving Machine Using Facsimile Copying (Russian Federation)
Environmentally Friendly Power Plant