Agriculture & Agro-industry
Automotive Components
Ceramics & Glass
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Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Biomass
Enzymes for Bio-Gas Generation
Establishing Syringe Manufacturing plant
Ethanol from Molasses Using Sacharomyces Cerevisiae fermentation
Ethanol from sugarcane molasses
Ettridge Wind Turbine
EVIMATE - An Innovative Eviscerating Equipment for Poultry Industry (Netherlands)
Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Without Moulds
Extended Release of ISMN
Extracellular Phytase with Improved Thermostability
Fabrication of Thin Films Via Solgel Chemical Method (Thailand)
Farm Truck with Articulated Basket Boom Model 752
FERPHOS - "Zinc Phosphatiser / Rust Converter"
Fertilizer Mixing and Packing
Fibrous Gypsum Plaster Boards (India)
Filter Cleaning System
FINALMATE - A Multi-Purpose Machine for Poultry Processing (Netherlands)
Financial Engineering of Audit System
Finger Jointing and Woodworking
Fire-, Earthquake- and Tornado-proof Transportable Buildings (Bulgaria)
Fish Silage
Fishing Equipments
Fleet Allocation Tool
Floating Homes (The Netherlands)
Fluorescent Light
Fly Ash Bricks
Flyash Bricks Making Machine
Fogger Sprayer and High-range Sprayer
Food and Agricultural Products Irradiation
Food Flavourings by Minimum Processing Hurdle Technology
Food Grade CO2 Recovery from Distillery, Brewery and Boiler Flue Gases
Food Processing
Food processing - Test
Food Processing Equipment
Food Processing Equipment
Food Processing Equipment
Food Processing Machinery
Food Processing Technology
Food processing technology
Food processing technology
Food storage
Food technology
Food-borne Pathogen Detection using Conventional and Modern Biotechnological Methods
Food-Paste Moulding Machine
Forecasting System for Flood Warnings in Bangladesh
Forest Honey Collection
Formulation and Development of Herbal Cosmetics
Formulation for Controlling Storage Pests of Food Grains
Formulation for Enhancing Soil Fertility using Waste Materials