Agriculture & Agro-industry
Automotive Components
Ceramics & Glass
Submit Technology Offer
Independent Consultant for Inorganic Chemicals
Industrial Axial Fans with Adjustable Pitch Blades (Germany)
Industrial Volume Regulated and Noise Controleed Flow Fans and Inlet Vanes for Polluted Air, Dust, Corrosive Abrasive and Toxic Gases
Industrial Volume Regulated and Noise Controlled Flow Fans and Inlet Vanes for Polluted Air, Dust, Corrosive, Abrasive and Toxic Gases (Germany)
Industrialized Bio-oil Refining
Industry Machine and Automation System with Robot
Inertial Measurement Unit ( China)
Information Device for Blind People
Injectable Biodegradable Gels with Hydrophobic Pockets/Cavity for Delivery of Drugs
Innovative Aluminium Flat Solar Collector
Innovative Aluminium Flat Solar Collector
Innovative aluminium flat solar collector
Innovative Bio-compatible Plug for Orthopaedic Hip Prosthesis
Innovative Food Product
Innovative Transmission Mechanisms for Variety of Applications
INSAT Satellite Based Fleet Monitoring System (FMS)
Instant Cash Acceptance and Payment Network
Insulin Measuring Device
Integrated Growdiesel Manufacturing & Filling Station
Integrated Plant for Manufacturing Anthraquinone, Quinizarin and their Derivatives (India)
Integrated Press Exhaust System for Fiberboard and Chipboard Production
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System
Interfacially Active Enzymes for Esterification
Interferometric Method for Recoding of Dynamic Volume Changes in Living and Non-living Objects.
Interlocking Block, Construction, Thailand
Internal Mixer
Internal Ringed Rotary Piston Explosive Motor (China)
Internet Solution of Issuing Kinds of Certificates using 2-Dimensional Bar Code
Intravenous (IV) Fluids
Ion Source
Iron powder
Irradiation of Food and Agricultural Products
IT Based Technology Transfer Services for Textile Sector
Itching on Metal
Jatropha/Biodiesel Production
Kalina Power Cycle Technology (Germany)
Kitozan Biofertilizer
L(-) Malic acid Production Technology
L(-) Malic Acid Production Technology
L-Alanine (China)
Laser Machine for Fine Welding (Russian Federation)
Laser Processing (India)
Laser Technology
Laser Waste Destruction and Co-generation of Power
Letter Input S/W for Mini Keyboard
Light Frame Steel Construction Technology
Light Steel Cabinet House for Cyclone-affected Areas (China)
Light Steel House for Disaster-Prone Areas (China)