Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer Support Services

APCTT promotes technology transfer in the Asia-Pacific region through its ICT-based networks and platforms and its advisory services. Emphasis is placed on facilitating cross-border business cooperation among small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and promoting technology based business partnerships.

Online Technology Transfer Support Mechanisms

Asia-Pacific Technology Transfer Market Service for SMEs

  • The Technology4SME Database serves as an online platform for information exchange on the availability and sourcing of technologies for small and medium entreprises in countries in the Asia Pacific region.
  • The Technology4SME Database provides information on the technologies available for transfer(technology offers), technologies needed(technology requests) as well as the opportunities for business cooperation(Joint venture and Partnerships).
  • The use of Technology4SME database is free of cost.

Global Technology Databases

  • APCTT has compiled a list of global as well as country-wise technology databases that deal with the technology transfer related services for SMEs and entrepreneurs.
  • If a particular technology search has been made using APCTT's Technology4SME database and if the search did not yield desired results, the users could use this section to extend their search to other databases listed in this section.
  • Over 15 technology databases could be readily accessed through this service of APCTT. More technology databases from countries across the globe will be added periodically for the benefit of SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Renewable Energy Technology Bank (RET-Bank)

The primary objective of the Renewable Energy Cooperation-Network for the Asia Pacific (RECAP) established by APCTT is to facilitate technology transfer cooperation among countries in the Asia-Pacific region in the area of renewable energy. Towards this end, APCTT has developed a “Renewable Energy Technology Bank (RET-Bank)” of tested and proven renewable energy technologies (RETs) initially in the areas of solar, biomass, wind, mini-hydro power and geo-thermal energy. APCTT has developed this Renewable Energy Technology Bank as on-line technology database freely available for public access through its RECAP website.

Technology Transfer Facilitation Services

APCTT offers technology transfer facilitation services to technology providers and seekers, especially by partnering with its national focal points and technology transfer intermediary networks.  Some important technology transfer facilitation services of APCTT include:

  • Providing information on technology transfer, joint-venture, business/research partnerships and opportunities.
  • Organizing business-to-business meets, technology exhibitions and technology transfer related conferences and technology dissemination workshops in partnership with APCTT focal points in the member countries.
  • Providing support services to help techno-entrepreneurs interact with technology transfer intermediaries, source technology globally, and also explore venture capital financing.

Technology Transfer Capacity Building

Knowledge of and access to technologies holds the key to international competition in the contemporary global setting. SMEs need to acquire sufficient capacity building through both indigenous efforts as well as by acquiring and adapting technologies from outside. To support the technology transfer effort of SMEs it is also essential to strengthen their capacity to successfully handle the technology transfer process in a holistic manner and develop skills ranging from business case preparation, technology sourcing, technology assessment, technology selection, technology pricing, negotiation, contract finalization, implementation and impact assessment. 

To do this most effectively, a programme of capacity building, including training of trainers (ToT) from SME support institutions, and other related organizations, has been developed by APCTT. This ToT programme has been successfully piloted in Philippines, Thailand, India and other APCTT member countries.  APCTT will explore the possibilities of organizing more ToT programmes in partnership with APCTT’s focal points, nodal agencies at the national level including chambers of commerce and industrial federations in APCTT member countries.

For further information, please contact "Mr. Krishnan Srinivasaraghavan". Coordinator, Technology Transfer, APCTT-ESCAP


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