The shaded areas of the map indicate ESCAP members and associate members.

APCTT is a regional institution of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) servicing the Asia-Pacific region. APCTT promotes an enabling environment for innovation, transfer and commercialization of technologies in 53 member states and 9 associate members of UNESCAP. All member states and associate members of UNESCAP are de facto members of APCTT.

The Centre implements capacity development projects, programmes and activities funded by member countries and international donors aimed at strengthening the environment for innovation and technology transfer in the member countries. The key target stakeholders of APCTT are policy makers, technology promotion and transfer agencies, research and development institutions, technology-based entrepreneurs, startups and small- and medium-scale enterprises and technology financing and venture capital entities and other related agencies in Asia and the Pacific. The Centre promotes equal participation of men and women, thus makes special efforts to encourage more participation of women in the Centre’s activities.

The overall objective of APCTT is to strengthen the technology transfer capabilities in the Asia- Pacific region and to facilitate import/export of environmentally sound technologies to/from the member countries. The activities of APCTT are thus focused on three specific areas: Technology Innovations for Sustainable Development; Technology Transfer and Commercialization; and Technology Entrepreneurship, Start-ups and technology-based Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

The Centre promotes emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, renewable energy biotechnology and fourth Industrial revolution technologies which have high growth potential and can address the collective challenges of the region. It also focusses on green technologies to address climate change mitigation and adaptation needs for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.  APCTT, together with its member states, aims to foster technological innovations for a more sustainable future for the Asia Pacific region.