20 February 2024
Bangkok, Thailand and Online

APFSD Side Event on Harnessing Technology, Data and Capacity for Climate Resilient Development has been jointly organized by ESCAP’s five Regional Institutes – APCICT, APCTT, APDIM, CSAM and SIAP. It was held on 20 February 2024, 13:00-14:15 (Bangkok time, GMT+7, via Zoom). 
Efforts to address climate change in Asia and the Pacific must prioritize the leveraging of technology, statistics, and capacity building. This entails fostering the transfer and development of sustainable technologies; improving data governance, collection and analysis capabilities; investing in statistical infrastructure for tracking progress; and promoting capacity building initiatives.
The event featured a panel that delved into the strategic integration of policymaking and planning, technology, effective use of data and statistics, capacity building, and regional cooperation in combating and adapting to climate change. It featured experts and practitioners who discussed on (a) the role of technology cooperation and transfer in mitigating climate impact; (b) integrating data and statistics to turn climate data into actionable insights; and (c) enhancing human and institutional capacities for a deeper understanding and more effective action against climate change.

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