Description of technology
Biogas is the mixture of gas produced by methanogenic bacteria while acting upon bio degradable materials in an anaerobic condition. It is mainly composed of 50 to 70 percent methane, 30 to 40 percent carbon dioxide, and some other gases. It is about 20 percent lighter than air. It is an odourless gas that burns with clear blue flame similar to that of LPG gas. Biogas production process involves basically; liquidification and gasification. When manure is added to the plant, there is the formation of acid forming bacteria. These bacteria convert manure to liquid form. This phase is liquidification. liquidification process is followed by gasification where methane along with carbon dioxide is formed by methane forming bacteria. This technology can be used as source of energy for any application. This technology can be used from basic cooking, lighting in households and can also be used for electricity generation. Biogas users can operate and maintain the biogas plant after basic users training provided by the concerned biogas companies
Specific Features
Biogas is eco-friendly alternative source of bio-fuel that can replace traditional fuels which release huge amount of carbon like fuel wood, kerosene, Diesel.
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
Biogas plans reduce the cost for firewood, fossil fuel. 3 hours time save daily in each household. Women involve in generating activities. plant. Long life. Easy to handle and operate.
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Household level
List of components used
Inlet, Dome, Digester chamber, Outlet, Water drain pit, compost pit, Pipeline, Turret, Manhole.
Name of the component
Materials required for construction
Local materials; sand, stone, gravel, Market Materials; Pipe and fittings, cement, brick, rod, paint, Appliances; Main gas valve, water drain, gas tape, stove, mixture machine, dome gas pipe, pressure meter.
Procedure of Installation
Sales Agreement- Material Procurement and Construction-Payment Settlement and Users Training for Operation and Maintain and Composting.
Maintenance requirements
Maintenance requirement area; Gas Tap, Pressure Meter, Main Gas Valve, Pipe Fittings and Joints, Water Drain, Stove and Slurry Pit.
Name of the organization
Alternative Energy Promotion Center / Biogas Support Programme
Address/Zip code
PO Box: 14364, Kathmandu
Khumaltar Height, Lalitpur, Nepal
+977-1-5539390, 5539391 Fax: +977-1-554239