Sri Lanka
Description of technology
Features of industrial stove Normal fire wood sticks are used as fuel while using other type of biomass such as coconut shells, coconut branches as alternatives. Specifications of the stove are as follows; 1. Capacity of cooking pan - 20 Lit. 2. Type of wood - Normal firewood sticks 3. Fire wood consumption - 4 kg/hr 4. Heat controllability - Controllable 5. Portability - Portable 6. Time taken/batch for treacle making operation – 2 ½ - 3 hrs. General Information; 1) Dimensions – 75x100x280 cm 2) Total weight – 55 kg 3) Fuel consumption – 3.5 kg/hr 4) Capacity – 20 ltr 5) Fuel – Fire wood sticks
Specific Features
Use of fossil fuels in cooking
Keywords (maximum 5)
Stove, barrel, chimney, tray
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
This industrial stove developed by NERD Centre has number of attractive features as mentioned below; 01. High efficiency 02. Cost effectiveness 03. Heat controllability 04. Minimum exposure of t
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Using this NERD industrial stove in “kithul” industry is only one of the multiple applications. Cooking in hotels, water heating, frying food items, confectionery industry, spice processing industry, paddy boiling etc. are other potential applications
List of components used
No. Component Qty 01 Fir wood tray 01 02 Ash door 01 03 Air control flap 01 04 Chimney base 01 05 Chimney base cover 01 06 Chimney 01 07 Chimney cap corn 01 08 Flame guard 01 09 Moving device bottom cover 01
Name of the component
Total area required (sqM)
1 sqm
Materials required for construction
Material Quantity Empty oil barrel 01 no. Aluminium pan 01 no. Gauge 22 G.I. sheet 14 sq.ft. 1 mm MS sheet (G-22 , 02 ft2 1/16 inch. Ms. Sheet 02 ft2 ½” G.I. pipe-medium 0.30 m 10 mm Dia. MS rod 0.50 m 14/ dia. MS rod 8.00 m ¼”x
Procedure of Installation
Ready to use
Maintenance requirements
Durability of this stove depends on the continuous and proper maintenance. Therefore, pay special attention for the following; • Do not expose the stove to rain or direct contact with water as it’s life time reduces due to corrosion • Ash pit to
Total investment
USD 180 (approximate selling price in Sri Lanka)
Name of the organization
National Engineering Research and Development Centre
Address/Zip code
IDB Industrial Estate, Ekala, Ja-Ela,
Sri Lanka
0094 -11-2236307, 0094-11-2236384