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Description of technology
Dimensions 350x350x525 mm Total weight 8 kg Fuel consumption 600g per batch Cylinder capacity 600g Fuel Fire wood chips Dry wood chips are used as fuel while using other type of biomass such as small pieces of coconut shells, as alternatives. Specifications of the stove are as follows. 01. Capacity of cooking pan - Sufficient for 5 member family 02. Type of fuel - Dry wood chips, nut shells etc. 03. Average size of wood chips – 1”x1”x1” 04. Capacity of combustion chamber – 600 g/batch 05. Operating time/batch - 50 min 06. Portability - Portable Location and environment : Stove unit should be placed in well ventilated location. Specification of the fuel. Type of fuel : Fire wood chips, saw dust pellets, small pieces of coconut shells Size of fuel : i. Firewood pieces of nearly ¾”x3/4”x 1” size ii. Coconut shell pieces of nearly 1”x1” size Quality : For better results, it is important that the above fuels to be well dried and uniform in size. Preparation before operation; i. Place the stove on a levelled location ii. Remove the ash residues of previous burning. Starting the stove; i. Charge firewood pieces / chips/coconut shell pieces etc. to the perforated combustion cylinder, up to its top level. ii. Smear a small quantity of kerosene oil or any other combustible oil to the top of firewood to cover full cross section. iii. Ignite the woods from the top, using matches. iv. Place pot stand and then cooking pot.
Specific Features
This natural draft wood gas stove is more efficient and convenient stove than traditional and other improved cooking stoves. Further it is more suitable to use as an additional stove for those who are using LP Gas or fire wood for cooking.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Natural draft, biomass, stove
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
This wood gas stove dev eloped by NERD Centre has number of attractive features as mentioned below. 01. High efficiency (compared to traditional firewood stove) 02. More convenient operation 03.
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Can be used in households for cooking. Good product to manufacture and market.
List of components used

No. Component Qty 1 Perforated outer cover 01 2 Perforated combustion cylinder 01 3 Aluminium pot stand 01 4 Stainless steel ash tray 01 5 ND clay cylinder 01
Name of the component
Materials required for construction
Material Quantity 01 mm thick G-20 Zn. Coated black iron sheet 2.5 ft2 01 mm thick stainless steel sheet 1.3 ft2 01 mm thick Zn coated MS sheet 2.5 ft2 06 mm dia. Mild sheet bar 4.6 ft. ¼”x1/4”
Procedure of Installation

Ready to use
Maintenance requirements
Durability of this depends on the continuous and proper maintenance. Therefore pay special attention for the following instructions; • Do not expose the stove to rain or direct contact with water as its life time reduces due to corrosion. • Ash pi
Total investment
USD 35 (approximate selling price in Sri Lanka)
Name of the organization
National Engineering Research and Development Centre
Address/Zip code
IDB Industrial Estate, Ekala, Ja-Ela
Sri Lanka
0094 -11-2236307, 0094-11-2236384