AnexTEK SP230 Pocket PC Mobile phone
AnexTEK SP230 is a Pocket PC Phone designed to reveal the user’s profile a top-notch go better image who’s discerning needs, allows for no compromises. So does the SP 230 a fully functionally mobile phone with computing capabilities at the user’s disposal.Looking for a product that ensures your productivity is assured on the run then this all-in-one device is designed for you. It features a Tri-band phone with video transmission, GPRS as well as fairly standard PPC specs but with a generous 64 MB of user-accessible RAM. The most notable feature of the SP230 is its numeric flip cover that sits neatly over three quarters of the display. The ergonomic design not only protects the LCD display it also helps users with large numeric phone style keypad to make calls without using a stylus. The cover flips down to about 150 degrees if you need access to the full screen or you can take it off completely and replace it with a small panel (the “call pad”) that contains just the Send & End buttons with the microphone. Smart
Sector: Remote Sensing & Telecommunications
Country: India
Area of Application: PDA Features: 1. Schedule reminder: SP230 can remind a user any job to do and other related information. 2. Contacts: SP230 can help a user store over 10000 sets of related information of persons. Such as, Name, Telephone Number, Job title, Address, Email, Fax Number, and so on. 3. Note: SP230 can be a notebook and voice recorder to note any important message. 4. Calendar: SP230 provides an electrical calendar for the following over 10 years. A user can plan the future jobs and appointments. 5. Mobile Storage: A user can store his or her personal data to SP230. 6. Mobile backup: SP230 can be a backup device for a user¡¦s all information. 7. Entertainment: SP230 provide a user various games. 8. Business assistance: Built-in WORD, Excel, it can help a user to complete the business works. 9. eBook viewer: SP230 can act as a electrical book viewer. 10. Music Player: With Windows Media Player, SP230 can be a portable music player. 11. Movie Player: With Windows Media Player, a user can watch his or her favorite video clips. 12. Calculator: With SP230, SP230 can offer a user the function of calculator. 13. Photo Bank: SP230 also can be a photo bank or photo viewer to view the photos taken by a digital camera. 14. Alarm: SP230 provide 4 sets of alarms which can be modified individually. 15. Remote controller: With specific software, SP230 can be a remote controller. 16. Navigator: Working with GPS receiver, SP230 can act as a navigator. 17. Browsing the Internet: Via a PC/Notebook, SP230 can access the Internet. 18. MSN Messenger: Via a network connection, SP230 can log in MSN. 19. Barcode scanner: Attached SDIO Barcode reader, 20. Terminal Service Client: With network connection, SP230 can connect to MS servers.
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Advantages: Phone Features GSM phone: using 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz system. 2. Conference Calls: Multi-conference calls. 3. GPRS and WAP connection. 4. SIM Tool Kit. 5. Polyrhythm Ringtone.
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