Communication System for Emergency Telemedicine
DELTASS (Disaster Emergency Logistics Telemedicine Advanced Satellites System) has been developed for the European Space Agency (ESA) by CNES, the French government space agency. DELTASS uses both geostationary and low earth orbit communication satellites enabling `top-down` management of emergency workers dispersed across a disaster zone, as well as letting medical experts located hundreds of miles away to carry out on-the-spot diagnoses of casualties. Such a fail-safe communication system for emergency telemedicine greatly multiplies the effectiveness of rescue workers within the affected area, especially as existing communications networks might not have survived. The hub of the DELTASS system is this Medical Field Hospital, set up within the disaster area. It is from here that mobile teams` activities are co-ordinated, patients are gathered, treated and their data tracked, and decisions are made about evacuating them elsewhere. For further details contact: ESTEC European Space Agency Noordwijk 2200 AG The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 7156 54109 Fax: +31 (0) 7156 54093 E-mail: [email protected] Web:
Sector: Disaster Management and Mitigation
Country: India
Area of Application: Disaster areas
Keywords: DELTASS, treating disaster victims via satellite
Advantages: 1. It greatly multiplies the effectiveness of rescue services in disaster situations.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Technology Licensing , Others
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Contact Person: UN-ESCAP/APCTT
Address: C-2 Qutab Institutional Area
City: New Delhi
Country: India
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