Earthquake-proof Concrete Homes (Indonesia)
The Indonesia Aid Foundation (IAF), a nonprofit group is providing affordable earthquake-proof housing for the people of Indonesia. Concrete houses have a footprint of 270 square feet and are designed for a family of six. Both the concrete and wood houses have unique green building features for environmental friendliness. The house bases have 40% of steel rebar replaced by bamboo of the same diameter. Bamboo is both lighter and stronger than traditional materials and its cultivation is environmentally friendly. Both houses are erected on a layer of discarded automobile tires as a very low-cost and successful shock absorber/damper mechanism. IAF has developed an improved construction method for rapidly building mass quantities of earthquake-proof housing. The concept is to build houses on a factory assembly line. This speeds up the process from the typical 3 to 4 weeks to build a house to the ability to build 20 houses in a single day. The houses are built using specialized steel forms that can both set up and then release from the concrete quickly. Furthermore, the rebar reinforced “early strong” cement sets up rapidly. Several concrete additives, including fly ash, petrochemical byproducts and super plasticizers, all of which are readily available in Indonesia, increase concrete strength. The total capital cost to set up a factory is USD $100,000. For further details, please contact: Dr. R. Craig Woodring Chairman Indonesia Aid Foundation (IAF) E-mail: [email protected] Web:
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