Interferometric Method for Recoding of Dynamic Volume Changes in Living and Non-living Objects.
Method and device for investigation of volume change dynamics of physiologically active samples for licensing or further development.
Sector: Biotechnology
Country: Czech Republic
Area of Application: Current domain of application is investigation of volume change dynamics of physiologically active samples. Potential domain of application is measuring very small volume changes in various technical areas such as astronomy, fiber optics, engineering metrology, optical metrology, oceanography, seismology, quantum mechanics, nuclear and particle physics, plasma physics, remote sensing and other bio-molecular interactions.
Keywords: Interferometry, micrometric range, photosynthesis, plant physiology, precise mechanics, volume change dynamics
Advantages: o New technique in the field of plant physiology research o The ability to investigate dilatation processes in living and nonliving objects o Non-destructive method o Low cost production o Applicable in other areas
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: The task of the invention is to improve the method of interference laser measurement of distances and volume changes so as it suits to investigation of volume change dynamics of physiologically, parti
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing , Research Partnerships
Target Countries: World Wide
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