Avoid Elbow Erosion from Coal/Ash/Catalytic Slurries
We supply rotary vanes that are custom made, to be fitted preceding an elbow in the piping of your chemical process plant, or refinery or pumps or power plant condenser inlets, as the case may be. It shall ensure non-turbulent flow through bends and pipe elbows, drastically reducing elbow erosion from eroding slurries of coal, ash or catalyst (in refineries). It also reduces water hammer, drastically improves pump performance and life. Not to mention that it leads to a more compact piping scheme.
Sector: Energy
Country: India
Area of Application: Piping in Power Plants, Process Industry, Refineries, Mining, Cement, suction side of pumps, where ever there are erosive slurries etc...
Keywords: Piping, elbow erosion, avoid, pump and compressor efficiency
Advantages: Drastically reduced piping maintenance costs, reduced vibration, improved pump performance, reduced water hammer, longer life for downstream equipment in plants.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency , Systems integration , Reduced Mintenance Costs
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Subcontracting , Joint Venture , Technical Services , Equipment Supply
Target Countries: India
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Contact Person: RANITE MoonLake Energy Limited
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Country: India
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