Composition and Method of Water Soluble Extract of Defined Content of Kutkin from Picrorrhiza kaurva rhizomes
The present invention relates to a composition of the rhizome of Picrorrhiza kurroa plant, and, an extraction process for obtaining a composition with a defined purity of kutkin contents (i.e. mixture of kutcoside and picrosides) by High Performance Liquid Chromatography, which composition provides enhanced acceptability effects for the user, and as a globally accepted pharmaceutical products thereof for treating hepatic disorders.
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Country: India
Area of Application: Alcohloic extract of the plant and kutkin possess hepatoprotective activity. Plant is a potent immunostimulant of both cell mediated and humoral immunity and exhibits choleretic activity in dogs. Picrorhiza kurroa is also benefical in the management of bronchial asthma. It protects the liver against hepatotoxins, hepatoprotective properties, Potent antioxidant activity, Modulates liver enzyme levels, anti-inflammatory action anti-allergy action. Usually 3-4 gm of drug is generally given as antiperiodic and 0.6-1.2 gm as bitter tonic. Typical adult dosage is 400 to 1500 mg/day, with dosages up to 3.5 g/day sometimes being recommended for fevers
Keywords: Picrorrhiza kaurva, Extraction, fractionation, HPLC assay.
Advantages: : (i). The main advantage of the present invention is to develop a method for the preparation of P. kurroa extract with defined kutkin content. (ii). Another advantage of present invention is to provide a composition of P. kurroa with defined total kutkoside and picroside. (iii). This innovation provides a method that gives an extract to avoid human exposure with hazardous solvents and /- as residual solvents. (iv). Present innovation provides a method to reduce the long operation span. (v). The innovation is for a method which is cost effective. (vi). It reduces the extraction time. (vii). The innovation is to produce the extract of P. kurroa as free flowing powder.
Environmental aspects: Healthcare
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: Free flowing powder with defined contents.
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